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Published On July 11, 2015 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring

5 Things That Can Make Snoring Worse

As you likely know, a lot of people talk about how snoring can be fixed – and for good reason. It’s definitely a problem that needs fixing. Nobody wants to snore, nobody wants a partner, spouse, family member, or room-mate to snore either (especially if they’re within earshot), and nobody wants anything to actually make their snoring worse. Of course, it’s not all about the noise. Snoring can contribute to a number of different health problems. It can also cause a reduction in energy during the day, as well as fatigue and a general overall sense of tiredness.

To put it simply, snoring isn’t good. It’s not helpful. In fact, it can be downright irritating (at the very least), and it can be dangerous.

But what’ll make it worse? What types of things should you avoid so that it doesn’t get worse?

In this article, we’re going to discuss 5 things that might make your snoring problem worse – and in doing so, we’re going to answer these very important questions.


Yes, believe it or not, being overweight can definitely have an impact on your snoring risk. The problem isn’t necessarily how much you weigh, however – it’s about how much extra fat you have around your neck.

Having more fat around the neck may translate to less room in the airway – which, in turn, will mean an increase in the risk for soft palate vibration (the main cause of snoring).

Antidepressants, sedatives, or other similar medications

Any kind of medicine or substance that acts as a depressant may potentially increase your odds of snoring because it will tend to relax your muscles. When this happens, the soft palate and other muscular structures in and around the opening of the airway may be more prone to vibration when you breathe. This could definitely make your snoring problem worse – at least until the effect of the substance wears off.

Allergies (or anything else that causes a stuffy nose)

While having a stuffy nose won’t necessarily cause snoring on its own, it can make things worse. Some people find that their snoring gets worse during allergy season, and it’s little wonder why. With so much less room for airflow, you might see your odds of soft tissue vibration increasing – which could definitely translate to louder noises and a lower-quality night’s sleep.


Smoking is another habit that might make your snoring problems worse. Of course, smoking is dangerous to your health in many ways – but in regards to snoring, it tends to inflame the airways. This results in a narrower opening to and from the lungs – which contributes to snoring by allowing less room for airflow.

There are definitely many reasons to quit smoking – but the fact that it could make a snoring problem worse is just another to add to the list.


Drinking alcohol relaxes the muscles, especially when you’re asleep. This increases the odds of soft palate vibration as well – which in-turn increases your odds of snoring.

If you’ve been having snoring problems during the night, you might be able to help yourself by cutting alcoholic drinks out of your diet. This may not solve the entire dilemma, but it could significantly decrease it.


A lot of things can contribute to snoring – but these five are probably some of the most prominent. By cutting these out of your life (at least as much as possible), you may definitely be able to give yourself a better foothold in solving the problem – though also keep in mind that these things may not be the direct cause.

Sometimes, even someone who isn’t dealing with any of these can still have terrible snoring troubles – and sometimes the only way to get rid of it is through some kind of treatment. Stop snoring devices are one of the least-expensive and most-proven options – though there are many different types of remedies to choose from on the market nowadays.

The important thing to remember is that you really should do something about it. Leaving it alone will only increase your odds of sleep problems later on.

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