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Published On November 9, 2020 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring

This question has been asked by many people around the world – can acupuncture help stop snoring? In this post, we will investigate the possibilities of whether or not acupuncture can reduce snoring, as well as if you can do it by yourself or not.

This traditional pressure point treatment from China is used for many different types of ailments by millions of people. Using it for snoring might be a new idea, or was it used by the ancient Chinese for snoring?

If you are interested in knowing whether or not this ancient technique will work for snoring, keep reading to find out.

What Is Acupuncture?

Many of us know that these ancient pressure point techniques are applied with the use of needles for different ailments. However, there are so many mysteries surrounding this treatment that has been used through the ages by the Chinese, and many questions have been raised.

One of these questions is whether acupuncture really works, or is it just because we believe it works that it is working? With so many people practicing this very old treatment, you can’t help but believe that it works for what they say it works for.

Acupuncture works by inserting needles through the skin at certain pressure points all over the body for the relief of symptoms. Needles are not always used, and fingers can also be used on the pressure points all over the body.

For those who do not take part in this treatment, it may look painful and the needles might hurt when they penetrate the skin. While your body is more sensitive at certain points, this treatment should not hurt when applied correctly and by someone who knows how.

As mentioned before, it is used for the treatment of many illnesses, as well as for other discomforts and conditions in the body. However, we are more interested in knowing whether this treatment will help reduce or completely stop snoring.

So, Acupuncture for Snoring: Does it Work?

According to the experts of acupuncture (Why We Snore, According To These Chinese Masters), we snore because the Qi of the person who is snoring is weak. The Qi is our life force that is harmonized with the flow of the yin and the yang energies in our bodies.

There are pressure points in the body that can be stimulated to help fix the energy imbalance in our bodies. While most mild or light snoring occurs when excessive mucus or certain tissue is falling limp, it can be fixed with acupuncture.

Treating these acupoints will help bring back the harmony and strengthen the Qi in the body to reduce snoring.

What Are the Acupoints For Snoring?

There are quite a number of acupoints involved with sleep disorders, but the following is a list of the most common points. These points may help reduce snoring, as well as a wide variety of problems that occur in the body.

  • The GV24.5, which is often referred to as the third eye point, is located right in the middle of the eyebrows.
  • Another one is the P6, also known as the Nei Guan, and it is used to treat things such as nausea and motion sickness.
  • These problems can often prevent people from sleeping, as well as cause snoring, so this treatment will provide relief.
  • B38 is also a point that will help balance mood, as well as emotions, and it is also called the Vital Diaphragm.
  • The B10 point, which is known as the Bladder 10 point, will help with insomnia and also when you are overtired.
  • The Calming point, which is also known as the H7, the Heart 7 point, or the Shenmen, will help calm you.
  • The GV16 point, also known as the Governing Vessel 16 point, will help with mental stressors to help calm your mind.
  • For mental fatigue, as well as headaches, the GB20, also known as the Gall Bladder 20 point, is used in the soothing of these two problems.
  • When you have congestion of the chest, as well as nerve issues, the CV17 point, or the Conception Vessel 17 point, is located in the chest.
  • The K6 point, which is also known as the Kidney 6 point, will help reduce hypertension and anxiety in the body.
  • The B62 point, or Urinary Bladder 62 point, will help calm you down when you go to sleep.

How Effective Is It?

According to experts of acupuncture, the treatment will not just reduce snoring, but it will also reduce overall sleep apnea. There is also some evidence that sleep apnea, as well as the hypopnea index, lowered with a 10-week acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture can also help improve your sleeping patterns and will have a huge effect on REM sleep. It is also noted by professionals that treatment of certain points will help reduce nasal mucus drastically in patients.

These treatments may help when you are coming down with the flu because you will have a large amount of mucus. A couple of treatment sessions of acupuncture will help reduce the mucus in the nose quite drastically.

When the amount of mucus is reduced, the chances of sinusitis are greatly reduced, and you will not have problems while sleeping. This will also lead to reduced chances of snoring and a much better night’s rest, making you feel much healthier and well-rested.

With a few acupuncture treatments, you may just help yourself to a dose of rest and deep sleep.


The evidence suggests that acupuncture treatment will help reduce snoring greatly and help you sleep better at night. If you experience mild to medium snoring while you are sleeping, treat yourself to a few sessions of acupuncture treatment.

Always keep in mind to consult your doctor before you make use of any type of treatment to make sure that it is safe and that it will help you. It is also better to get these treatments from those who have the professional knowledge and skill to apply the treatments.

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