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Published On July 13, 2020 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring, Snoring Solutions

Snoring is an awful nuisance that ruins sleep for all involved. Your bedmates or roommates all suffer from the noise, and you can experience a variety of conditions throughout the night and upon waking up.

Adjustable beds have often been recommended not only for their extreme comfort but also for their many health benefits, assisting with snoring among those benefits. But do we just accept this as fact? Let’s look deeper and see if these fancy adjustable beds can be of help when it comes to getting a proper night of deep, snoreless sleep.

How Adjustable Beds Can Affect Snoring

Snoring can be caused by a variety of factors, such as alcohol, being overweight, sleep apnea, and sleep deprivation. Physiologically, it is the overrelaxation of the muscle and tissue in our throats, which causes our airways to tighten or even close. The snoring sound comes from this blockage, as air forces its way around these blockages, creating that scraping sound.

Your position while sleeping also affects your snoring. Gravity pulls down and can cause a further obstruction on the airways, which works in tandem with the above causes to make snoring a problem.

So how do adjustable beds help with snoring? Well, one of the main benefits of adjustable beds is how they allow us to sleep at more comfortable angles that elevate our upper half. This elevation of our head and throat helps us shift these blockages and obstructions in our throat, clearing our airways and allowing us to breathe more freely.

Our muscles rest more vertically, rather than being pulled down over our throats, thus lessening or even eliminating the sound of snoring.

Keep in mind that this isn’t directly dealing with the causes of snoring. There are a variety of causes, most of which are external. Treating these issues will also likely affect snoring, and combining that with the use of adjustable beds will likely remove the problem of snoring entirely.

How Do Adjustable Beds Work?

Adjustable beds are quite self-explanatory. They are beds that adjust on joints to create an inclined surface to sleep on, much more comfortable than a regular, flat bed. It has an adjustable base that controls all the adjustments you make to it.

There are two components to every adjustable bed. The sleeping surface is the surface on top where you find the mattress. Then there are the join mechanisms. With typically two joints, you can raise the back up to sleep at an incline, much like a hospital bed, as well as raise the knee portion so you can bend your legs.

Using these joints, you can create a custom sleeping surface for yourself for maximum comfort. Use the remote control to set it to a preset or make manual adjustments if the presets don’t suit you.

In essence, an adjustable bed is one that you make perfectly fit your needs for comfort or to tend to physical needs. Keeping that in mind, can it help with snoring?

The Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

There are plenty of health benefits that come with adjustable beds, and in this section, we’ll be listing them off and explaining them in short. To begin with, let’s look at how it affects your body.

Having your body rest at more natural angles rather than flat on a surface can work wonders on your muscles and relaxation. If you find you wake up stiff regularly, then these beds can undoubtedly help with that. Additionally, sleeping at an angle improves the circulation of blood and oxygen.

Your blood pressure already drops when you sleep, so this can ease the effect it has on your body. Lastly, if you have any injuries, particularly back or leg injuries, or move around and put a strain on your body through your day-to-day activities, sleeping in more natural positions helps you heal and recover faster.

For those that have insomnia, these beds also help minimize causes. Often people have insomnia because of pain or anxiety, and having a comfortable bed can help you become less restless in the night, making it easier to fall asleep.

On the note of bodily pain, these beds can reduce back and chronic pains, or even remove it in some cases, as our beds are often the causes. Arthritis is also a significant problem, and these beds help our bones and joints rest in more natural positions, without much strain or pressure on them.

Lastly, and most importantly, these beds help with sleep apnea and snoring. These are categorized as breathing problems caused by blockages or obstructions in the throat, as we already covered.

Adjustable beds help to shift these obstructions, clearing our airways and allowing us to breathe more easily and freely. This is because gravity isn’t pulling our throat tissue straight down, giving us literal breathing room.

Why Choose an Adjustable Bed?

We have already covered the huge benefits of an adjustable bed for your snoring, but there are a few other health benefits an adjustable bed can have for you. These include the following:

  • Reduces back pain and stress
  • Relieves the symptoms of arthritis pain
  • Reduces GERD and acid reflux symptoms
  • Improves your blood circulation
  • Fall asleep more quickly and sleep more deeply
  • Great support for your back, neck, shoulders, and head

Sleeping more deeply and enjoying uninterrupted sleep can also play a part in reducing your snoring, so there is more than one reason to purchase an adjustable bed for your bedroom.

In Conclusion

To finally give a definitive answer: Yes, adjustable beds help with snoring. They aren’t a fix or remedy in that they directly tackle the cause, but they do prevent the effects from being so harshly heard.

For this reason, as well as all the other health benefits that come along with them, we do recommend using them as part of your overall healthy sleep strategy. While they may be a pricey investment, they are an investment in improving your health and getting a good night’s rest!

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