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Compare Snoring Devices

How can you best compare snoring devices? As you likely already know, there are a ton of stop-snoring products on the market. In fact, a bit of research may very well lead you to conclude that, with so many choices to sort through, it might be impossible to choose one over the other.

But despite the wide variety of different products and their seeming similarity to one-another, you’ll probably be glad to hear that there are definite differences – and in this article, we’re going to provide you with a sort of ‘comparison chart’ to help you gauge which of these devices may work the best for you.

Compare snoring devices

One thing to keep in mind about these types of products is that different models may work better for different people. What works well for you, for example, might not work as well for your spouse, roommate, etc.

The important thing to remember is that it might take one or two different tries to find the product that’s perfect for you, so please don’t give up on snoring devices if you have a bad experience with one. Some people give up on them after just one try, which can be an understandable reaction if it didn’t go very well – though you’ll be more than happy that you stuck with it when you finally figure out which device is the best for you.

There are a lot of different things to consider when shopping for a stop snoring device. Price, availability, functionality, and reputation are all good things to look at. You definitely want the best product for your money, so take your time and make sure that you get at least one look at all of the basic options before making your choice. Spending an extra hour or two doing your research could mean ruling out some options that aren’t the best for you – making it much more likely that you’ll get the right product the first time around.

Comparison Chart

See the most popular snoring mouthpieces we have compared.

Brand Special Features Use life (in months) Price (in USD) Shipping costs (to/in Australia) Total Cost
1.) VitalSleep

The VitalSleep Mouthpiece is comfortable, flexible, adjustable, and moldable so that you can achieve a custom fit right at home.

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12-24 months $69.95 Free $69.95
2.) SnoreRx Plus Features 10 calibration settings to allow for precise comfort adjustment. 12-18 months $99.99 $9.95 for one $109.94
3.) Good Morning Snore Solution Utilizes a unique ‘suction effect’ to pull the tongue forward, as opposed to adjusting the jaw.


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12-24 months $99.94 $12 $111.94
4.) AVEOtsd The AVEOtsd is technically a ‘tongue stabilization device’, and operates by holding the tongue forward during sleep. 12-24 months $89 Free $89
5.) zQuiet This mouthpiece was designed to be less bulky. It keeps a low profile to allow for free and natural mouth movement. unspecified $69.95 $9.95 $79.90
6.) SnoreMeds Unlike other mouthpieces, SnoreMeds’ device has emergency holes in it that could allow the user to breathe through it if necessary. approx. 4 months $40.90 $8.50 $49.40
7.) SleepTight The Sleep Tight Mouthpiece is FDA cleared for safety and effectiveness. It’s also easy to fit and simple to use. 6-24 months $52.96 $9.95 $62.91
8.) SnoreMender The Snoremender moves pressure away from the ends of the smaller teeth to the bases of the larger teeth—allowing for greater comfort and stability. 9-15 months $69 Free $69
9.) SleepPro International Boil and bite technology enable you to get an exact fit from this mouthpiece. 6-24 months $49.99 Approx. $6.50 $56.49
10.) Zyppah Zyppah supports not only the lower jaw, but also the tongue to keep it pulled forward and away from the back of the throat. unspecified $89.95 N/A $89.95+shipping
11.) Somni Snore Guard This device is still technically a snoring mouth guard — but it does not advance your jawline. They call it an intra-oral vesticular shield. 18-24 months $45 $8 $53

Attention!  All of the devices compared above are mouthpieces, so they are in the same category of anti-snoring products. Click on the brand name to read our in-depth review of each.

Unless otherwise noted, prices above are in USD, which seems to be the currency least prone to exchange fluctuation for these products. You can convert to current AUD prices by checking here.

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