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The information on this site is not medical advice. Always discuss serious medical conditions with your doctor or healthcare professional.

Information on this site is intended as a resource to help people to become aware of different stop-snoring devices and remedies that may exist. With that being said, we do not advocate or endorse any products that may or may not appear on this website, and we would caution anyone viewing the site to use these resources only at their own risk, with moderation, and only after taking medical advice into account.

We do not intend for people to misuse the products that may or may not be displayed on this website, and would never want anyone to use them in any form or fashion that could result in possible danger or risk. We do our best to promote factual information and safe practices, but please keep in mind that this is not a medical site. It is an entertainment site only, and should never be used as a resource to diagnose, prevent, or cure any diseases, conditions, or ailments.

In so saying, we cannot be held responsible for any harm or negative effects that may come to anyone who tries any of these products. Some of the products on this website may not be tested or even deemed safe, and it is the responsibility of the individual to do their own factual research and to seek medical advice whenever they are presented with a medical problem. Medical advice should also be sought before any of the products featured on this website are used. We cannot be held responsible for any harm, danger, injury, or misinformation that may be caused or linked to, either directly or indirectly, the content on this website.  In such matters, we are excluded from all such liability.

While we do our best to present information that is helpful and factual, all information made available is offered ‘as is’, for the sake of entertainment, and no warranty is offered with it. This includes (though is not limited to) the implied warranty of merchantability.

We also understand that, in some jurisdictions, we might not be allowed to exclude ourselves from all possible warranties—so to what extant exactly we are excluded may be determined by the jurisdiction in question.

Our website may contain technical, informational, typographical, and dating errors. While we make every effort to avoid these, buyers should not utilize our website as their sole source of information when making decisions about product purchases. If you are contemplating buying a device to help you stop snoring, then you should use real medical resources to help you. This site is for entertainment purposes only. In such matters, and with all other matters pertaining to the content of this website, the user of the site agrees to release and anyone who has run, maintained, or contributed to it from any and all liability.

Due to FTC regulations, it is required for us to inform the users of this site that some of our pages are designed to generate revenue. We collect revenue in several different ways on this website—though affiliate links, through banner ads, and possibly through other sources as well. With this being said, it is important to mention that our reviews are never written falsely (to the best of our knowledge) just to generate revenue. We make every effort to make our content factual and helpful because we believe this to be in the best interest of sound business practices.

Of course, some of the content submitted to our site cannot be verified. Our reviews may be submitted by many different sources, so we can make no guarantees regarding their truthfulness or factuality.

The opinions expressed on this website are solely those of the one’s who have written them. With that being said, the content posted on this website can never be used to endorse any other products or to defame the companies featured in the content. If any company names or trademarks are supplied on our website, they are for identification purposes only. They remain the respective property of those who own them legally.

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