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Published On July 4, 2017 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring, Snoring Solutions

Do anti-snoring mouthpieces really work?

Anti-snoring mouthpieces, also known as ‘mandibular advancement devices’, are mouthguard-like devices that are designed to help prevent snoring. They basically work by doing two things. First and foremost, they’re designed to shift the lower jaw forward during sleep, thereby preventing soft-palate vibration that could lead to snoring. Some of them also have other functions, such as tongue-retention features or special breathing channels.

Whatever the case, most of them would fit into the same category and work basically the same – albeit using slightly different technology.

But do they really work? This is the real question, and that’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.

The idea

The idea behind MADs is actually pretty basic. Soft palate vibration is certainly a major contributor to snoring problems – so adjusting the jaw forward should, in theory, really help to cut down on the amount of constriction in the back of the throat.

With and without MAD

The good news is that this theory often proves correct. MADs actually do have a pretty good track record with snoring sufferers, proving that the idea is at least viable. With that being said, however, not all anti-snoring mouthpieces are the same.

What makes one better than the other?

There are a number of features to look for in an MAD – and not all of them are created equal. Obviously, different people have differently-shaped jaws and throats, so different devices may work better or worse in different situations. But there are still a number of features to look for if you plan on ordering an MAD for your personal use.

For one, you should always look for something that can be customized to fit your mouth. This is often accomplished with ‘boil and bite technology’. This will make the device more comfortable and more effective. You should also look for something that’s made from high-quality products. You certainly don’t want to spend your money on a device that’s cheaply made.

And finally, you should probably find a device that’s adjustable. Having the ability to adjust how far it will shift your lower jaw forward can be extremely helpful, because this will ensure that you’re getting the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Obviously, these rules don’t apply to every situation – but the key is to find the product that works the best for you. Finding an MAD that comes with a money back guarantee is also nice – because this will allow you to return it if it doesn’t end up doing the trick.

Are anti-snoring mouthpieces just a gimmick?

A lot of people wonder if MADs are actually just cheap gimmicks – but this is certainly not the case. The truth is that mandibular advancement devices are a lot more effective than most people realize – but that also doesn’t mean that they don’t come with their own downsides. Some MADs can put a strain on the teeth. Some inhibit breathing so much that they eventually become uncomfortable, and some of them can make the jaw muscles sore.

But, once again, these problems aren’t necessarily present in the entire category of products. Some devices may cause more of these problems than others, and some people might have better luck with some than they will with others.

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for anti-snoring mouthpieces is to remember that it’s not always an exact science. You can try your best to find the perfect match the first time – but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee success.

A lot of people end up getting frustrated if the first one they buy doesn’t work for them – but the important thing is to keep trying. This is why we would recommend starting with MADs that come with a money back guarantee – as this can save you money in your search for a product that really works for you.

Information! At any rate, anti-snoring mouthpieces are definitely not gimmicks. They really work, as long as you find the model that’s right for you.

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