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Can Certain Foods Make You Snore?

Published On January 26, 2020 | By Joshua Sigafus | About Snoring

Snoring is a pretty common problem. At least forty-five percent of adults snore occasionally. About 25 percent of the world’s population, however, includes habitual snorers. Snoring, as we all know, is more common among males. It is also more common among people who are overweight. But can certain foods make you snore? 

We get this question a lot, and the answers might surprise you.

The Basics: Is Food Related To Snoring?

The food you eat is most definitely related to almost every aspect of your health and wellness—and snoring is certainly not exempted from this. 

For example… we know that drinking alcohol impacts your risk for suffering from snoring and other related problems. And while it is not a food, we also know that tobacco (in the form of cigarette smoke) is bad for your sleeping health as well. 

But these are the more obvious facts. 

Can certain common foods, beyond these, make you snore… even if you were never aware that there was a problem with them?

Cow’s Milk May Be A Bigger Problem Than You Think

Most of the messages we hear about cow’s milk are positive. But when it comes to snoring, it may actually be an enemy in disguise!

Research shows that lactose intolerance can have a profound impact on your quality of sleep… and an allergic reaction to cow’s milk may actually trigger some pretty terrible snoring problems! Soy or almond milk both provide better alternatives, as they will not trigger the same types of reactions among people who are lactose intolerant. In fact, dairy as a food group may be something to avoid if you have been having a lot of snoring problems. Milk is the most obvious culprit, but cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and even butter can contribute to an increase in snoring.

Animal Products Can Make You Snore Like A Beast

Did you know that eggs, meat, poultry, and fish are high-protein foods? If you visit the gym or do much research about health and wellness, then you have probably heard many health experts give the ‘green light’ on foods like eggs and fish as parts of a healthy, well-rounded diet. 

But contrary to popular belief, these foods may not be the best choices if you are a regular snorer. The problem is not so much that these foods are ‘unhealthy,’ but that they can trigger phlegm production. If you do choose to continue eating these types of foods, you may be better-suited to seek out organic versions that don’t contain antibiotics.

Are There Any Foods That Will Help To Prevent Snoring?

There are more than a few healthy food options that can actually help to cut down on your odds of ‘sawing logs’ while you sleep. 

Some such foods include healthy, organic options like green or black tea, honey, and olive oil. Onions are natural decongestants, and are packed with anti-oxidants. They also have an almost ‘mythical’ reputation as a toxin remover! 

As far as spices are concerned, Turmeric is a tasty, yet healthy option that is full of anti-inflammatory properties. It can help to soothe inflamed nasal passages, and also give you some awesome flavor options for foods like curry chicken and spicy beef.

Can Certain Foods Make You Snore, Even If You’ve Never Had A Problem Before?

Unfortunately, allergies can rear their ugly head even if you’ve never had them before. This is why it is important to stay aware of what you are eating. 

Many health food experts advocate adopting a very basic diet if you have a problem with snoring, and then adding foods slowly over time to unveil potential allergies. 

You would be surprised by how much snoring a simple food allergy can cause!

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