How to Deal with a Snoring Roommate

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Published On August 11, 2020 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring

Have you ever been nodding off into dreamland, only to hear a loud noise erupt from your roommate that startles you back into wakefulness? Many of us have, and this can be quite frustrating, especially since the culprit has no idea that they are interrupting your sleep.

However, having that conversation often goes something like this…”So you know you snore, right?” To which the roommate looks at you and says, “No I don’t. Prove it!” This can go back and forth and cause friction, and no one wants to live in a situation like that.

What do you do, though? Live with it? Move out? There is no need for these drastic measures. In this article, we will look at how to have the conversation so that it doesn’t go sideways. We will also give you some ideas on how to live with it or help your roommate out.

Having the Conversation…

The trick to having the conversation is to go into it with a few things in mind. After all, they may not know that they sound like a T-Rex who has just escaped from Jurassic Park and is on a rampage every night.

First off, you want to make sure that you are not initiating this conversation while you are frustrated and tired. Try to make sure that you do not have the talk when you have had a bad night of sleep.

It is best to have this conversation when you are both in a good mood. Make sure that you discuss the situation about yourself and not them. This may make them a little less defensive.

Another great idea is to come into the conversation with some potential solutions. This may help your roommate feel like you are in the battle together and not feel attacked. There are a lot of simple remedies that you can suggest to help reduce or alleviate their snoring (see some of the tips below).

You also want to be understanding and concerned. By discussing the fact that snoring could lead to some health issues or even be caused by some, you will show your roommate that you are not just in this for a good night’s sleep.

Showing concern will let them know you care about their health as much as that wonderful restful night of sleep you have been struggling to get.

Sleeping When Someone is Snoring

If you don’t want to have the conversation or you have had the talk and executed some of the tips below and they still are freight training their way through the evening, then you may just have to learn how to sleep with it.

If this is the case, there are some ways you can block out the noise.

Try Using Earplugs

This method is inexpensive and offers an easy fix to the problem. You can find earplugs in any pharmacy or store. Once you have purchased them, all you have to do is stick them in your ears and they will block out most of the sound. The key is to follow the instructions on the package and not just cram them into your ears.

Another Option is White Noise

This is the static that your TV or a fan makes, and it can be very relaxing. If you find a good white noise app or even a machine, it can block out the sounds produced by your roommate’s snoring. You don’t even have to buy one of those machines or download an app. All you have to do is turn on a fan or any electrical device that potentially creates white noise.

Turn on Music or Sleep with Headphones

This is a noise-canceling tactic much like the one above. As long as you have a nice soothing playlist and a set of comfortable headphones, you can block out the incessant noise that emanates from your roommate. [If you have different rooms, you don’t even need headphones. Just turn on your music and drift off into dreamland.]

Tips to Prevent (or Live With) a Snoring Roommate

You have one of two choices. Either learn to live with it or help your roommate deal with the problem. There are a lot of different ways to do both, so here are a few suggestions that may help you.

Getting woken up from a dead sleep can be frustrating, but the more frustrated you are, the harder it will be to fall back to sleep. Instead of getting annoyed and angry, try to relax. A good way to do this is to use breathing techniques.

Stay away from looking at clocks or electrical devices, as this may serve to exacerbate your frustration even more.

Try to Jedi mind trick yourself by convincing yourself that the snoring coming from your roommate is a soothing sound. By reframing it in this way, you may be able to decrease your frustration. To do this, don’t focus on the sound, but rather the rhythm, and let it (eventually) lull you back to sleep.

If you sleep in the same room, there is always that comfy couch. If you can’t seem to get back to sleep, you may want to grab your blanket and pillow and camp out in the living room. This is not a final solution, but at least you will get some sleep for the night and then maybe refer to the section above on having the conversation.

You may want to suggest your roommate refrain from drinking alcohol close to bedtime. Alcohol relaxes the throat and sets the stage for some serious snoring. Maybe politely ask that they not chug a beer or have a shot before they crawl into bed.

Final Thoughts

So now you know how to deal with a snoring roommate. Living with someone is hard enough without having to be frustrated and sleep-deprived. If your roommate snores, try some of the suggestions above and see if they help. Hopefully, they do, and you will be able to get a good night’s sleep.

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