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Published On August 6, 2016 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring

Light Snoring – Should I Be Worried?

Some people don’t have a major snoring problem. Some people hardly snore at all. Some people are lucky enough to have a ‘light’ snoring problem – which could basically be described as snoring that’s so quiet and gentle that it barely disturbs others who happen to be in close proximity to the person making the noise.

Sometimes, people who never snore develop a ‘light’ snoring problem during the allergy season or when they happen to catch a cold. Or sometimes, you may find that you tend to snore ‘just a little bit’ when you’re sleeping in a certain position. Your partner might brush it off by saying that it’s not loud enough to really keep them from sleeping, and you might not feel any worse for wear the next day.

But here’s the important question… if your snoring is truly a ‘light’ case of snoring, should you still be worried about it?

The truth about light snoring

The simple fact of the matter is that snoring, on its own, isn’t necessarily a dangerous thing. It is, rather, the sleeplessness that accompanies it that tends to be the problem. Habitual snorers often keep their partners (or even other people in the house) awake throughout the night, which prevents them from getting the kind of sleep they need.

Snorers also often suffer from sleep loss themselves. Sometimes, the breathing problems can cause them to toss, turn, or even wake up periodically (as is the case with sleep apnea), which disrupts their normal sleeping pattern and causes them to suffer mild to severe cases of sleep deprivation. This can come with its own set of risks, and can contribute to a number of other potential health problems.

But when do you know that the snoring is bad enough to take seriously?

Information! If snoring is keeping anyone awake, for any period of time, then it’s probably time to start worrying about it enough to at least begin the search for a treatment option.

Granted, when it comes to light snoring that doesn’t seem to keep anyone awake, sometimes the line isn’t so black and white. If snoring isn’t actually keeping people awake, then is there a reason to treat it?

This is a very good question – and here is how we would answer it.

Why you might want to treat light snoring, even if it doesn’t seem to be ‘hurting’ anyone

The problem with light snoring is that it might be keeping you awake without you realizing it. This might be subtle, and the effects might not be directly evident. Maybe your husband’s snoring keeps you awake for an extra 5 to 10 minutes every night – or maybe your girlfriend’s snoring wakes you up just once or twice throughout the night.

Such cases could be called cases of ‘light’ snoring – but they are still causing small problems.

Information! 10 minutes of sleep per night, interrupted by snoring, adds up to over an hour of missed sleep per week – which adds up to almost five hours per month.

This might not seem like much, but missed sleep is missed sleep – and if you aren’t going to bed 10 minutes earlier each night or sleeping in on the weekends to compensate for it, it’ll be sure to show up in your day-to-day life eventually – either as daytime fatigue, drowsiness, a feeling of tiredness, etc.

With that being said, it’s also important to point out that snoring is sometimes just a nuisance. On its own, it’s not really that dangerous as long as everyone is getting enough sleep. It is, after all, the sleeplessness that presents the risk.

So if you can find a way to counter the lost sleep without developing some other kind of problem, then you might be able to just push past it and live your life without really seeking out a treatment or solution.

But if not, you might find it beneficial to seek out some kind of remedy… like a stop snoring aid or device that can help you to get the snoring under control when it does pop up.

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