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Published On June 14, 2016 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring

Could Your Mattress Be the Reason for Your Snoring?

Is your mattress making you snore? Snoring problems can be caused by a number of different things. In fact, there are so many potential factors that can lead to snoring that it can sometimes seem impossible to take all of them into account. Of course, most people snore because of the way their body is shaped. If there’s too much fatty tissue in the airway, restriction and vibration can occur – which is the predominant cause for most cases of snoring.

But other factors can also influence this problem – such as your environment, your current state of health, your body weight, or even your sleeping position.

But what about your mattress? Is it possible that our mattresses may have more to do with our snoring problems than most of us realize?

In this blog post, we’re going to explore how your mattress could be playing a role in this annoying, yet surprisingly complicated problem. Snoring might not be an emergency – but it certainly isn’t good for you, and it can definitely impact your quality of sleep in a negative way.

Avoid a mattress that you sink down into

Some mattresses allow you to ‘sink down’ into them. This could be because they are worn, or because they’re soft – but either way, this can certainly increase your odds of snoring by possibly allowing your body to fall asleep at an angle that will make your airway more prone to obstruction.

Sinking mattress

Your mattress should allow you to sleep parallel to the ground. It should also support you enough to keep your airway relatively straight. Some mattresses develop ‘holes’ or ‘slants’. These can also impact your quality of sleep and cause you to be more prone to snoring, because they can cause your body to rest in unnatural positions. And if any of these positions turn your head, neck, or back the wrong way, you could end up with a constructed airway and a lot of soft-palate vibration.

Is your mattress clean?

Sometimes, when mattresses get really old or have suffered water damage, they can develop a mold problem. A dusty mattress can also be cause for concern, as it can cause issues as well.

Mold on mattress

As mattresses age, they may be more prone to damage on the inside. If they get too moist, mold can begin to form inside of them – and if this happens, you will probably end up inhaling mold spores while you sleep. If you inhale too many, they can cause you to suffer from breathing-related problems (not so unlike the symptoms caused by allergies). These problems can definitely contribute to an increase in snoring.

A dusty mattress can cause the same types of problems, as can a mattress that’s covered with pet dander (if you’re allergic to it).

Mattresses are difficult to keep clean because you can’t really get inside of them to clean them out. Unfortunately, if you fear that you may have mold growing in your mattress, you might want to consider buying a new mattress and fixing whatever moisture problem may have caused the mold in the first place (so that your new mattress doesn’t fall prey to the same issues).

Is your mattress too small?

Believe it or not, having a mattress that’s too small for you might also play a role in increasing your odds of developing snoring problems, and here’s why. If you sleep with a partner, but own a mattress that’s too small for both of you, then you might get used to sleeping in positions that aren’t quite as comfortable or as good for you.

A larger bed gives you more space to stretch out and sleep naturally in – whereas some sleeping positions might not be possible with a smaller bed, especially if you’re sharing that bed with another person.

For best results, try to find a mattress that’s large enough to allow both you and your partner to sleep the way you want. You should both be able to stretch out as much as you want without impeding one-another. A mattress large enough to allow for this should also give you plenty of healthy, comfortable space to sleep in.

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