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Published On May 20, 2018 | By SDA Editorial Staff | Reviews
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We did feel that this brand brings a few unique elements to the table so worth having a closer look.

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Our Rating 65%

Mute Snoring Review

The very first thing that I noticed upon visiting this website was the flashing white banner above a black background. It looked like a fancy LED light strip, and flashed the following three messages over and over again…

  • Breathe More. Snore Less.
  • Be Good In Bed
  • Divorce Lawyers Hate It…

Ok, at this point, I didn’t even know what this thing was supposed to do – so kudos to Mute Snoring for making me laugh out loud at their banner! It’s not that it was funny in a ‘funny’ sense – it was just so bold and blunt that it really, truly made me laugh.

I was certainly interested in learning more about the product after this – so once again, two thumbs up to Mute Snoring for pulling me in with their rather brilliant use of home-page space.

Product Details

After reading a bit more, it became apparent that this was a nasal dilator-type device. It actually comes in 3 different sizes, and a sizing guide is available on the website, which is pretty cool. The product basically consists of two curved arms and a bridge.

Nasal dilator device

The curved arms are the parts that go into your nostrils, while the bridge is what you use to put them in and take them out. There are some pretty detailed instructions on the website that will help you to get them put in and removed correctly – but all in all, they’re a pretty straightforward product to use.

They’re made from ultra-soft medical grade polymors, which are said to ensure comfort.


This product technically falls into the ‘nasal dilator’ category.

Clinical Studies

This product is said to be ‘backed by clinicians’. On that page, there is a short quote, written by a doctor, that indicates that he recommends this product for patients and explains why.

Here is a small bit of the quote, which was written by a Dr. Dennis R. Bailey DDS

“It [Mute] is hands down the most comfortable and versatile nasal stent I have seen along with the adjustment features and sizes. The number of people reporting difficulty with this device is minimal – most have had good results.”

There is also another spot on the homepage where they say that, in trials, 75% of couples reported that they found Mute more effective than other products, but we didn’t see any specific clinical information for such trials listed on the website.

Is This Product FDA Cleared?
We saw nothing that indicated that this product was FDA cleared.


You can buy the trial pack (which contains one of each size) for $19.95 USD. To buy a pack of a single size, you’ll need to pay a bit more though–$27.95 USD. With that being said, each of these is a 30 day supply, because they each come with 3 dilators, and each one can be used for up to 10 nights. After that, you’re supposed to throw them away and use another one.

According to the official website, ‘Mute’ is a trademark of a company called ‘ASAP BreathAssist Pty Ltd’. This company, in turn, is owned by a company called ‘Rhinomed Limited.’
Interestingly, the corporate office for this company is located in Australia! Here’s how it’s listed on the official company website…

Level 1, 4-10 Amsterdam Street

Richmond, Victoria 3121, Australia

We certainly haven’t seen any evidence that suggests that this is a scam at all. It might not help everyone, but it does, in fact, seem to be a legitimate product.

How Does The Product Work?

Mute basically works like a nasal dilator. It helps to hold the nasal cavities open during sleep – which is said to help keep you from breathing through your mouth and relieve any snoring that might be happening due to congestion. By promoting nose breathing over mouth breathing, this product is supposed to help bypass soft-palate vibrations and greatly reduce the odds of snoring occurring.

How it works

What are actual customers saying?

Actual customers seem to be saying a lot of good things about this product – though it’s also not without its negative reviews. On Amazon, 5% of people left a 1 star review, while 37% left 5 star reviews – so as you can see, there are more positive reviews than negative ones.

Here’s one example of a positive review that was posted on Amazon…

“They work for opening up both nostrils for each breathing. I’m not married so I can’t honestly let you know their snoring effectiveness. Based on what others are saying it appears to be very effective.”

On the flipside, here’s an example of a negative review that we found.

“Caused sores inside my nostril, tried all sizes and adjustments then went back to breathe right strips.” (source)

What you can expect

Once you find the right fit, you should begin to see the benefits right away. It may take a little bit to get used to having dilators in your nose – but on the other hand, finding the right size should significantly decrease the level of discomfort that you experience right from the very beginning.

If this device is going to work for you, then you should certainly notice the benefits within a few days, at the most.

Does this brand stack up against the competition?

After looking into the Mute device, we did feel that this brand brings a few unique elements to the table. For one, it’s designed differently. Secondly, it comes in several sizes. Not all dilators are available in more than one size. Third, it seems gently designed. Some nasal dilators can seem harsh – so it was nice to see that the Mute was designed with comfort as a definite priority.

Key differences between this product and ‘typical’ solutions

The main difference between this product and typical snoring solutions is that most snoring solutions have something to do with the mouth – which this device avoids entirely. Since this device goes in the nasal passages and not in the mouth, then it would probably make an ideal product for someone who doesn’t like the idea of using a snoring solution like a mouthpiece or tongue stabilization device.

Is a prescription or doctor involvement needed?

No, you won’t need a doctor or a prescription to buy and/or use this product.

Pros and cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered about the Mute over the course of our research…


  • It seems like an interesting and unique take on the nasal dilator idea
  • It seems well-made and well-put-together
  • It seems to work for the majority of customers
  • It’s reasonably priced and can be ordered online without much of a problem


  • It might not help everyone
  • Some people might get sore nasal passages while using it
  • You need to keep buying it to use it – it’s not a one-time purchase


We were pretty impressed with this product. We’ve reviewed several different types of nasal dilators, but the Mute really stands out as different – mostly due to its light-weight design and due to the fact that it seems to work more often than typical products in this category seem to work.

It might not work for everyone, especially if their problem isn’t caused by congestion-type problems – but it’s certainly an option that could work for a lot of people. Plus, it’s minimally invasive, and won’t require you to put anything in your mouth.

If you’re looking for a stop snoring method that’s easy, inexpensive, and proven to work in the majority of cases, the Mute may certainly be a product that you should look into.

Costs and Shipping

To order a specific size, Mute will cost you $27.95 for 3 devices (a 30 day supply). But, as of the time that this review was written, they were actually offering free shipping – and they will even ship internationally! So really, when you factor in free shipping, the price becomes far more reasonable.

Quick Info:

Product type: Nasal Dilator

Clinical Studies: Yes

FDA Cleared: No

Money Back Guarantee: 90 day money back guarantee

Shipping Costs to Australia: Free

Screenshot of the Website

Screenshot of the website

The official company website allows you to order Mute internationally.

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