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Published On June 17, 2015 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring

My spouse snores – what should I do about it?

This is, not surprisingly, a pretty common problem that isn’t difficult to understand. If you sleep at night next to someone who snores, then you’re likely going to have problems sleeping as a result. The only problem then becomes how to talk to them about it. After all, you don’t want them to feel like you’re blaming them for the problem – but you also don’t want to continue being woken up in the middle of the night either!

According to sleepfoundation.org, snoring is a problem among all ages and both genders that affects approximately 90 million American adults. According to nhs.uk, as many as one in four people in England snore regularly.

It’s undeniable that snoring effects a lot of people – but what can you do to communicate more effectively about it with your partner?

Here are some steps that might help.

Say something

If you never tell your partner about the problem, then they might never really know that they snore at all! They may be completely unaware that they’re doing anything during the night that’s disruptive. If you don’t say anything, then you really can’t blame them for not knowing.

So make sure to speak up! You can’t start the discussion unless you tell them what’s bothering you.

Be open and honest

It’s very important to be open and honest about how your partner’s snoring affects you. Don’t write it off or avoid it just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. You really need to address the issue. It’s important, both for you and for them. Both of you are probably suffering from a lack of sleep because of it – so silence isn’t going to help anything.

Be understanding

If your partner reacts defensively, try not to be too hard on them at first. They might feel like you’re blaming them personally, and may also be self-conscious about the fact that they are doing something that’s causing you so much trouble.

Try your best to make sure that they know that you’re not blaming them for anything – but that the snoring is a problem for you that you would like to work together to solve. Also, try to understand that your partner has feelings too, and that it would be best to broach the topic with sensitivity and kindness.

Don’t get into a ‘blame game’

Never ‘blame’ your partner for their snoring. Yes, it might be frustrating – but try to remember that they aren’t doing it on purpose. Both of you doubtlessly wish that it would just go away – so try to keep in mind that you’re on the same team.

Be realistic

If your partner’s snoring is truly disrupting your sleeping patterns, then let them know that they really need to do something about it. There are plenty of low cost stop-snoring devices on the market. They could also start working out in an attempt to lose weight. Regardless of what they choose to do, it’s important to understand that there are options out there – and make sure to let them know that they need to do something.

In conclusion

Talking to your partner about snoring doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Just be honest, open, and willing to communicate. Do some research on the problem together, and try not to settle for something that isn’t working. There are some fantastic options out there – you just need to find them and try them out.

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