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Nasal Strips – a Cheap Gimmick or a Product that Works? No ratings yet.

Published On July 6, 2016 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring

Nasal strips are an interesting stop-snoring product for two reasons. One, because they’re super simple. And two, because everyone always wonders if something so simple could really work.

Well, in this blog post, we’re going to discuss this.

Do nasal strips really work?

Here’s what we’ve found out over the course of our experiences with them.

Understanding how nasal strips work

Nasal strips are a super-simple concept. Basically, they’re a strip of plastic that sticks to your nose, and they work by simply pulling the sides of the nose outward. This helps to open up the nasal passages, which is supposed to help decrease your odds of snoring by helping your to breathe easier and by promoting nose breathing over mouth breathing.

How to use Nasal Strips

That’s pretty much it. All in all, nasal strips are probably one of the simplest stop-snoring products to understand.

But do they really work?

Do nasal strips really work like they’re supposed to?

The first thing to understand about nasal strips is that they’re not designed to help with every type of snoring. Snoring can be caused by a number of different things, and the problem with nasal strips is that they usually only treat snoring when it’s caused by problems with the nose. Unfortunately, snoring is usually caused by soft palate vibration – and nasal strips generally have little effect on this problem.

Sometimes they can help to alleviate throat snoring if they re-direct air through the nose. Strips that do this are said to ‘promote nasal breathing’, but they don’t always have this affect, and the affect may or may not work anyway – depending upon the particular case.

But with that being said, nasal strips do offer a lot in certain circumstances. Sometimes, people snore because their nasal passages are simply too small or get too congested. In such cases, nasal strips are a perfect and inexpensive solution. Nasal strips are also a great first-effort product to buy if you have snoring problems, because they’re easy to get and don’t require a large monetary investment.

They’re cheap enough that you can just buy a pack of them to try out. And if they don’t end up working, you won’t end up being out much, because they’re pretty inexpensive.

They’re also non-invasive, and don’t require you to put anything into your mouth – which is another plus. Some people don’t like the idea of anti-snoring products that go into the mouth – and nasal strips fill a vital category for people who don’t like the idea of more invasive solutions.

What are the main problems with nasal strips?

The main problems with nasal strips are pretty straightforward. For one, they don’t always solve the problem because they don’t cause much of a drastic change in the respiratory system or airway. Second, they don’t always fix snoring problems that originate within the throat. Third, you need to continue to buy them to use them, because they’re a disposable product.

But with that being said, there are certainly some advantages to using them. Nasal strips are inexpensive to buy, easy to obtain, and minimally invasive.

Nasal strips also look pretty low-key. They’re not like a mask or a mouthguard, so people tend to be less embarrassed to use them. For some people, the cosmetics of the device are almost as important as the effectiveness. And once again, nasal strips are a perfect match for people who don’t want to wear something ‘aesthetically attention-grabbing’.

All in all, if you suffer from snoring and are looking for a quality remedy, we may as well recommend that you try nasal strips before you try anything else – and here’s why. If nasal strips will work for you, then you’re probably going to be a lot happier with them than you will be with other solutions.

And if they don’t work, you won’t have wasted much time or money.

Some people also use nasal strips in addition to other anti-snoring methods – which actually tends to work out pretty well, so that might also be an option to consider.

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