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Privacy Policy

This is our privacy policy. It describes how we share, maintain, collect, and disclose information that we collect from visitors to our website (

Hereafter within this privacy policy, whenever we refer to ‘us’, ‘our’, or ‘we’, we are referring to those who run, own, maintain, and/or contribute to

Identifying Information

(non-personal or personal)

On, we may collect different types of information in different ways. Those we gather information from may include (but may not be limited to) those who subscribe to our newsletter, utilize our services, and/or utilize the various different functions of our website. Users do have the right to visit our website anonymously, though others may be asked to supply an email address and/or a name in specific situations. It is important to note, however, that personal information (identifying or otherwise) will only be collected if the users readily volunteer such information. As a visitor to our website, you have the right to refuse giving or supplying any personal information that you would rather withhold, though doing so may keep you from fully utilizing all of the available services and features of our site.

When it comes to non-personal information (identifying or otherwise), we may collect it in several different ways. We may, for example, collect the browser name of the computer in use, some technical information about the user, the type of computer being used to access the website, the internet service provider who enabled the connection, and the operating system used by the computer. These (and possibly other non-specified) types of information may be gathered whenever a user or visitor visits and/or interacts with to any degree.


Cookies are basically small files that websites may place onto your personal computer that contain small bits of information about you and your preferences. Cookies can make the browsing experience more enjoyable by allowing websites to remember certain things about you (such as your password, your settings, your preferences, etc.)

Our website may use cookies and install them onto your computer to enhance your experience. We do this sometimes for record keeping and sometimes to keep track of activity. You do have the right, however, to opt out of using cookies on a voluntary basis. This can be accomplished before you ever visit our website by adjusting your browser settings and setting your computer to ‘refuse’ cookies. You can also usually set your browser to alert you when cookies are being transferred.

Please note, however, that while setting up your browser to refuse cookies is your right, it may impair and/or limit the usefulness and functionality of the website.

How do we use the information that we collect?

We might utilize the information collected through our website in a number of different ways.

1… We might utilize gathered information to conduct and/or administrate promotions, contests, surveys, etc., or for website features.

2… We may utilize gathered information to improve our website and its functionality/features.

3… We may gather email addresses so that we can send emails periodically to our visitors (though keep in mind that any newsletters or email correspondence of any kind can be opted out of or unsubscribed to at any time).

4… We might use the information gathered to send users and/or visitors information regarding website features and/or content that we believe will be of interest to them based on previous website activity.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of children

We believe that the protection of children’s privacy is of the utmost importance. It is for this reason that our website will never intentionally or knowingly collect the information of individuals under the age of 18. Our website was never intended to attraction the attention of an audience this age, and children under the age of 18 are not permitted or allowed to access the services/features on our website.

How do we protect your information?

The protection of personal and non-personal information is very important to us. For this reason, we go to great lengths to ensure that the proper and appropriate data processing, collection, and storage methods are used to the safest and fullest extent possible. To the best of our knowledge, all information gathered through our website is protected, safe, and secure—and is capable of withstanding any attempts at disclosure, destruction, access, alteration, or unauthorized use.

How do we share information?

We do not sell, trade, or rent out any personal information gathered on our website. We might share information that is non-personal and general in nature, however, with affiliates, advertisers, and business partners.

Usage License

As a user of this website, you have our expressed permission to temporarily download one copy of the materials posted on our website for noncommercial and personal use. You are not, by this license, allowed to modify, copy, or attempt to reverse-engineer anything (software or otherwise) found on our site. You are also not allowed to transfer these downloaded materials to any other individual or otherwise attempt to copy/mirror its contents on any other online medium. Any other usage of the content found on without our expressed permission is disallowed.

Third Party Website Information

Our website might contain links and/or advertisements supplied by third party websites, including but not limited to: sponsors, partners, advertisers, licensors, and/or other third parties. Please remember that we do not control what these other parties place on their websites and are not responsible for any practices or content that they might employ. As the user, you should remember that third party links, sites, and services could change at any time and without warning. These websites all have their own privacy policies and service policies, and if you plan to utilize their features and/or services, then it is your responsibility to review their terms of use. Also remember that when you leave and visit another website, you will be subject to that website’s terms and policies in regard to their content and services—not those of ours.

Changes to this policy

At any point in time, we may choose to change or update our policies. This may happen at any time, for any reason, and at our own discretion. Whenever we do, we will attempt to make a note of it on the bottom of the page by updating the last revision date—but please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee to give any notice of policy changes. For this reason, users are encouraged to check back to the privacy policy often in case changes have taken place that they were previously unaware of. By utilizing this website, you do agree and acknowledge that you have a responsibility to make yourself aware of changes to this privacy policy or any other policy found on our site.

Acceptance of terms

By using and utilizing this website, you (the user/visitor) do hereby agree and signify that you agree with this privacy policy and accept it. You also agree that, if you were to ever disagree with these terms, you would discontinue the usage of our website and its services/features immediately. You also agree that you will never hold the owners of this website or its contributors liable for any losses or damages suffered while using its services, functions, or third party links/affiliates.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, you may ask them by visiting the ‘contact us’ section of the website.

This document was last updated on 5/17/2015

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