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Published On June 17, 2016 | By SDA Editorial Staff | Reviews
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You’ll have to keep buying it to keep using it but in general it's simple and well-thought-out product.

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Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy Review

This product is certainly unique in the sense that it is actually designed and advertised to treat sleep apnea. A lot of stop snoring devices actually claim not to be able to do this, mostly for legal reasons.

Sleep Apnea is no joke. It’s a pretty serious sleeping disorder that can really affect the quality of your rest.

Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy, however, was specifically designed to use technology not so unlike that used in CPAP therapy to treat the problem. But unlike a CPAP machine, Provent is inexpensive, easy to use, and super-accessible to anyone.

So let’s take a closer look at it.

Product Details

This product consists of small, band-aid like adhesive strips that you apply to the nostrils. In the center of each strip is a small circular mesh insert that has a tiny hole in the center. To put it quite simply, you apply the strips to the nostrils before you go to sleep, and they make it more difficult to breathe out of your nose – but not so difficult that you don’t want to.

Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy

They basically help to build up positive airway pressure, not so unlike a CPAP machine. Positive airway pressure helps to relieve OSA by keeping the loose tissue in the throat out of the way while you sleep. This keeps your airway from getting blocked off, which will then help to prevent snoring and sleep apnea.

A small valve in the nasal strips makes it super-easy to breathe in – so you shouldn’t actually notice a difference in your breathing when you’re inhaling. The device only restricts airflow when you’re exhaling.

I’ve seen a few similar products like this on the market before, but nothing that would strike me as being quite as ‘legitimate’ as Provent. Here’s what the website says about the product on their official website.

“Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy is a simple and effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). In clinical studies, Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy demonstrated significant improvements across all levels of OSA severity.”

Provent actually isn’t available to purchase directly from the company, probably because you need a prescription to use it. Instead, you need to purchase it from a supplier – which means that shipping costs and return policies will probably differ based on who you’re ordering it from.


This product is technically an EPAP device, which stands for expiratory positive airway pressure.

Clinical Studies

Provent has actually been shown to work in several peer-reviewed clinical trials. You can view a list of study resources on the official Provent site. At this point, I’ll just say that I’m impressed with how legitimate this device seems to be. I’ve seen very few snoring remedies with this much research to back them up – so kudos to Provent for doing things the right way!

Is This Product FDA Cleared?
Yes, this product is FDA cleared for the treatment of OSA.


You can order this product from The price for a 30-night supply is $130.00.

The company that makes this product is called Provent Sleep Therapy, LLC.
Here’s the official business address for Provent Sleep Therapy, LLC.

373 South Willow Street, Suite 306

Manchester NH 03103 USA

You can also contact this company by phone at 1-888-757-9355, or by email at [email protected]

In all of my research, I haven’t seen anything to indicate that this product (or the company that makes it) is a scam. The vast majority of customer reviews seem to be very positive.

How Does It Work?

This product basically works by building up positive expiratory airway pressure. This is accomplished via the use of the special adhesive strips that make up the product. These strips contain small mesh ‘valves’ that unhinge and open upon inhalation, but that close off and provide resistance during exhalation.

This builds up positive airway pressure, which helps to prevent obstructive sleep apnea.

What are actual customers saying?

Actual customers seem to be saying mostly good things about this product. Here are some reviews that I found on a supplier website called You can take a look at more reviews here.

“…After the first night a bit of tossing & turning. By the 2nd I awoke refreshed well rested & alive for the first time in many MANY years!!! Something so simple gave me my life back Literally…”


“It is really difficult to get over the idea that you either have to keep your mouth open or feel like you are suffocating. And leaving your mouth open all night is not exactly pleasant.”


“I have few problems using regular cpap, but Provent sleep apnea therapy nasal patches have been a great alternative for using during overseas trips–or any trip where I might have to worry about taking my cpap machine with me…”

What you can expect

Using Provent will require a bit of an adjustment period. It might take you up to a week to get used to using the strips, as they make you feel and breathe a bit differently. So don’t give up on them if you get discouraged after a few days. It’s pretty common to need some time to grow accustomed to them.

Does this brand stack up against the competition?

Provent starter kitThis product certainly seems to stack up against the competition. For one, there are a ton of positive customer reviews available for it online. Second, there is a ton of clinical research data for it that really makes it sound compelling.

It’s also super simple and easy to use.

To put it plainly, this product is very impressive. More so than any sleep apnea products I’ve reviewed in a long time.

Key differences between this product and ‘typical’ solutions

Most typical products like this cannot even claim to treat sleep apnea. And those that do often have much less clinical data to support them. This product is just about as legitimate as it gets.

Is a prescription or doctor involvement needed?

Yes, you actually do need a prescription to buy and/or use this product. On the official website, they say that you should ask your physician if this product would be a good choice for you.

Pros and cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered over the course of our research.


  • The product seems well-made and well-thought-out
  • A ton of clinical data supports its usefulness
  • It’s FDA cleared
  • You can get it from a number of different suppliers
  • It’s backed up by a ton of positive customer reviews


  • It doesn’t work for everyone
  • You need a prescription to get it – which isn’t that big of a downside, but it is a bit of extra hassle
  • Price-point is a bit high


In the end, I was pretty impressed with this product. It’s simple, but well-engineered and well-thought-out. The price is a little bit high, but it’s actually pretty cheap in comparison to other sleep apnea treatments.

You’ll have to keep buying it to keep using it – but really, when you get right down to it, you can’t put a monetary value on a good night’s sleep. Sleep apnea is no joke – but this product has been clinically shown to deal with it pretty effectively.

Costs and Shipping

BMedical is the Australian importer for this product. The price for a 30-night supply is $130.00 when you order from Shipping varies by location.

Quick Info:

  • Product type: EPAP Nasal Strip
  • Clinical Studies: Yes
  • FDA Cleared: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: Varies by supplier
  • Shipping Costs to Australia: Varies by location

Screenshot of the Website

Provent therapy website

Information! Visit official product website to learn more about this snoring aid:

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