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Published On August 1, 2016 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring

Several old-fashioned trends are coming back in style

Things certainly have a way of coming back around. Some old-fashioned trends (or that we’d considered ‘old-fashioned,’ at least) are becoming surprisingly common nowadays – but it’s actually not that surprising. Believe it or not, our grandparents knew what they were doing when they designed and furnished their homes – and in some ways, we are benefiting from their knowledge and habits all over again!

Here are just a few different trends that have made their way back around in recent years. Some of these might remind you of the good old days – and others might just simply surprise you!

Snoring rooms

Snoring rooms used to be quite popular, actually – and they’re beginning to come back into style. Granted, some people see them as a waste of space, and some houses may simply not have the room for them. But in houses where the space is available and the need arises, snoring rooms are making quite a comeback in the new century!

Dog Showers

Yes, dogs get dirty too… so what better way to keep them clean and fresh than to install a shower just for them? After all, dogs are super-popular right now – so why not install a shower for your favorite canine companion as well?

Some dog showers even feature a ‘dry off room’ where the canine can shake off the water before re-entering the rest of the home. Yes, it might seem ridiculous on some levels – but to dog owners, this room is becoming a very trendy idea!


With so many people watching cooking TV nowadays, more and more people are bringing back the concept of the larder. Keeping jars on display in the pantry has really never been so trendy – especially among millennials, who seem to care a great deal about eating clean, pure foods.

Many younger homeowners are trying to get away from refrigerator-cramming, and are bringing back the concept of natural-temperature food storage.

Broken-Plan Living Space

For a while, houses with wide-open living spaces were more popular. But nowadays, broken-up living spaces are becoming more sought-after than ever before – and for good reason. Living-space designs that feature ‘privacy’ without ‘separation’ are all the rage right now… but this isn’t the first time such a design has been ‘all the rage’.

Such designs used to be much more popular – and now they’re coming back in style.


Minimalism, which is basically a philosophy in which you try to de-clutter and attempt to create more space in your home, used to be very prevalent in the old days. Only having what you needed or used regularly was a no-brainer, because there simply wasn’t room for anything different.

But nowadays, that philosophy is slowly coming back – and it’s replacing materialism faster than most people realize! Never before have so many people focused on de-cluttering and space-saving – mostly because young people are now realizing that housing is expensive, and that they can make much better use of the space they have if they cut down on needless possessions.

Walk-in wardrobes

On the flipside, and somewhat in contradiction to the idea of minimalism, more and more people are desiring walk-in wardrobes in their homes. As it turns out, having four sets of clothing (one for every season) is getting even trendier – as are handbag collections. With so many clothing options available, people need a place to store them where they can see what they’re looking at – and not surprisingly, people are getting tired of stuffing all of these clothes into tiny closets.

They want to be able to walk in and pick out their clothes by hand (like they did in the old days). So, as you might suppose, many newer homes with the available space are coming equipped with walk-in closets and rotating closet space.

Information! It’s always interesting to see which trends come back around – but honestly, these aren’t so surprising. They seem to fit with the culture of the 2010s as they’re shaping up, and people seem to be happy with them – and in a grand sense, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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