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Published On December 18, 2017 | By SDA Editorial Staff | Sleep

There Are Actually a Number of Sleep Disorders Other Than Snoring

Though we do a lot of posting about snoring and sleep apnea on this site, we also occasionally write about other sleep disorders as well.

Not only are some of these disorders interesting to learn about, but raising awareness for them is also important.

Here are some sleeping disorders that you might have never heard about that are not snoring, but still common enough that everyone should at least know that they exist.


Ah yes, insomnia. This is perhaps one of the most recognized sleep disorders out there. Insomnia is basically a condition in which the sufferer has trouble falling asleep. It can also cause people to wake up long before the alarm goes off, and can keep them from being able to go back to sleep once they do wake up.

UARS (Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome)

This condition bears a striking resemblance to sleep apnea… though it is not quite as severe. It is basically the ‘next level of snoring,’ and is often treated with either surgery or anti-snoring products.


Bruxism (also known as ‘teeth grinding’) is a condition that can cause you to wake up with a tight, sore jaw and/or neck. Rubbing your teeth together during sleep can certainly pose some downsides… and it can even be severe enough that others in the vicinity may hear you doing it!

Periodic Limb Movement

This condition can make your legs feel like something is ‘creeping over them,’ and can be quite distracting while you are trying to rest. It is actually quite common, though it can be treated with medication. Some people also find comfort in doing a few light exercises or stretches before bed to ‘wear their legs out,’ so that they don’t feel so restless.

Night Terrors

Night terrors are a type of sleeping disorder in which the sufferer partially awakens from their sleep. But when they do, their wakened state is accompanied by a feeling of terror or fear. This is basically the flight-or-fight response kicking in, and can result in the person feeling very afraid. They may scream, or even cry, if they are scared enough. It is often accompanied by terrifying dreams that feel very real.

Somnambulism (also known as Sleep Walking)

If someone suffers from this sleeping disorder, then they may walk around or perform other feats/behaviors while asleep. This is actually a lot more common in children then in adults… though it could happen to anyone, and is much more likely to happen if the individual is sleep deprived.


This sleeping disorder is quite a bit different from those that we have talked about thus far. While most sleeping disorders will keep you from being able to sleep well… this one can cause you to fall asleep anywhere, at any time, without any warning. People who suffer from it actually have to be very careful, because they could spontaneously fall asleep while driving or doing something dangerous… and could seriously end up at risk in the process.


This sleep disorder is characterized by excessive sleepiness. People who suffer from it may have a lot of trouble staying awake during the day, may feel like they haven’t slept enough, and may have a lot of trouble focusing and staying energized. It can be caused by a number of things, including sleep deprivation, drug use, alcohol consumption, obstructive sleep apnea, or even excessive caffeine use.

Making Sure That You Get The Rest You Need

If you are afraid that you may be suffering from some kind of sleeping disorder, then it is very important that you talk to your doctor. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick fix to really improve your quality of sleep.

And trust us… a good night’s rest is worth the trouble of finding a remedy.

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