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Published On July 1, 2017 | By SDA Editorial Staff | Sleep

It is a pretty well-known fact that men are more likely to snore than women. But what many people don’t realize is that sleeping problems might actually take a bigger toll on women than on their male counterparts.

A new study from Australia has shed some light on this phenomenon, which basically points out that females are hit harder by sleeping disorders than men are. Women in the study were not only more likely than males to suffer from sleeping disorders that resulted in higher levels of daytime tiredness, but also more likely to have trouble concentrating due to their increased sleepiness.

The study also showed that women were more likely to have memory problems as a result of the sleeping disorders that they experience.

Is There Really That Big Of A Difference Between Males And Females When It Comes To Sleeping Disorders?

According to the study, scientists found that 49% of women were likely to have experienced daytime sleepiness as a result of a sleeping disorder, as opposed to only 36.9% of men. Women were also more likely to report troublesome symptoms linked to their daytime tiredness than men.

But to make matters worse, this problem can have a snowballing effect. The study also found that women who feel excessively tired or depressed due to a sleeping disorder can also tend to have more trouble sleeping at night! So there is a negative, dangerous cycle here that as many as 49% of women find themselves in… and the trend is quite disturbing!

According to reports, the main purpose of the study was to figure out the differences in ‘functional status’ between the different genders when suffering from sleeping problems. In the end, the study showed that men and women often hit sleeping problems at the same age, but that women suffer greater negative effects from the problems in everyday life.

The study was published May 15th, in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

Why Does This Problem Exist?

It is difficult to understand exactly why the difference in problems between males and females is so pronounced—though researchers did postulate that the problem might have a surprisingly simple cause.

To put it simply… men’s snoring might keep women awake more than women’s snoring keeps men awake.

As it turns out, parts of the study seemed to indicate that women had a more difficult time dealing with their partner’s snoring than men did… and that might serve as at least a significant factor in the root-cause of the problem.

At any rate, the problem is a real one—and women all over the world are struggling from it.

What Can Be Done To Alleviate The Problem?

If you are a woman and find that you are suffering from a sleeping disorder that is causing you problems during the waking hours of the day, the first thing to do is to see your doctor to discuss any possible medical problems.

If your problems are related to snoring (but not sleep apnea), however, then it is possible that you may be able to help yourself quite a bit by making just a few lifestyle changes.

Getting more exercise and losing a little bit of weight can often do wonders for snoring problems, as can sleeping in a slightly different position (usually not on your back). There are also quite a few different stop-snoring devices that you can utilize to help alleviate the problems associated with snoring-related sleeping disorders.

If you are afraid that you may be suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, however, then you might need to refer to a doctor for treatment. OSA is no joke, and often manifests itself as intense snoring that causes ‘gaps’ in normal breathing. OSA is a more dangerous problem, because it can increase your risk for many serious different ailments and problems down the road—including heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and even cancer.

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