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Published On June 28, 2016 | By SDA Editorial Staff | Sleep

Is sleeping without a pillow a good or bad idea?

Pillows are often viewed as a mainstay in the bedroom. In fact, most people would call them a necessity. But are pillows really as good as people believe them to be – or is this more of a myth? Is it possible that there are some valid arguments for getting rid of them and sleeping without a pillow – or are pillows actually good for us?

In this article, we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of using pillows – and whether or not you might want to consider ditching yours.

Why do people use pillows?

People use pillows for a number of reasons. First and foremost, they probably buy them because everyone else seems to do so as well. But that’s only one of many other reasons. People also buy and use them because they are comfortable. With enough pillows, you can feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud – which is very appealing.

Pillows can also help you to find more comfortable positions (at least, this is true for a lot of people). Most people don’t like the feeling of having their head lying flat on the mattress, and buying and using a pillow is an excellent way to get around this. Pillows elevate the head. And in doing so, they provide increased comfort.

Are pillows always necessary for a good night’s sleep?

As it turns out, pillows are certainly not always necessary for a good night’s sleep. A lot of people, in fact, sleep without them. Some people even say that pillows may be to blame for a lot of our modern back problems.

But how true is all of this?

Getting rid of your pillow can, indeed, help your sleep in several ways – but a lot of this really depends on what type of pillow you have and on how you use it. Some people use their pillows in ways that aren’t so good for their spine. If using your pillow contributes to an unnatural spinal position, for example, then you’re probably going to find that getting rid of it will solve some problems.

Some people also say that sleeping with your face in a pillow can cause wrinkles over time. But at the same time, if you tend to sleep on your back, this may not be true for you.

Have you ever tried to sleep on a pillow that just felt too large or too small? If so, then you probably tossed and turned in an attempt to get comfortable – and you may have even woke up with a neck ache.

How to sleep with pillow

Information! This is an all-too-common scenario that happens to a lot of people. And sometimes, the pillows are to blame. If your pillows either aren’t well suited to you, or if you aren’t using them in a way that’s going to keep your neck and back straight, then there’s a possibility that they’re going to do more harm than good.

In such cases, sleeping without pillows might be a better choice.

When are pillows a better choice?

There are also a lot of situations where pillows may be healthier. If you like to sleep on your side, for example, you’ve probably noticed that there’s nothing to support your head and neck unless you use your arms – which can become a bit uncomfortable.

Using a pillow in such cases can solve this problem by giving your head and neck the support they need to remain at a straight, healthy angle.

Another example of when a pillow might be a good idea is when you sleep with your knees drawn together. If you sleep on your side, you might realize that putting a pillow between your knees can greatly reduce tension on the lower back. In fact, this is such a popular positon that some companies make pillows specifically designed for this purpose.

At any rate, the decision to use a pillow is one that you will need to make personally. Just remember that your spine and your neck need to be straight and healthy in order for you to experience the best night of sleep possible – so try to keep these things in mind as you decide how (or if) to adjust your pillow before going to sleep.

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