Smart Nora high-tech snoring solution

Can Smart Nora Solve Snoring with High Tech?

Published On September 8, 2018 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring, popular, Snoring Solutions

Smart Nora, a Different Kind of Snoring Solution

Who is Smart Nora designed for? We all know that sleeping with someone who snores can be a pain. Oftentimes, they will wake us up and keep us awake unless we can get them to stop. We might nudge them, poke them, or even wake them up try to try to get them to roll over or change positions.

This is because changing positions is sometimes the only way that they can actually stop snoring in the moment.

But this is not a perfect system, and it often leads to sleepless nights, sleep deprivation, frustration, and fatigue—both for the snorer and for the bed partner. Being required to constantly wake up and nudge the person next to you to keep them from snoring is exhausting, and might keep you from being able to get the kind of quality rest that you deserve.

But what can be done about it?

As it turns out, this is exactly what the Smart Nora was designed to do.

Information! We’re excited to report that Smart Nora is now available to ship to Australia (which wasn’t the case when we first wrote about it in 2017). We’ll be following up with an in-depth review soon. In the meantime, you can check out Smart Nora for yourself by clicking the button below.

Visit the Official Smart Nora Website

What Is the Smart Nora?

The Smart Nora is a stop-snoring device that operates a bit differently from any other device that we’ve seen.

The device is said to be able to reduce your snoring in 7 to 14 nights, or you get 100 percent of your money back. It operates by utilizing two basic components… the controller and the expander. The controller mounts above your bed or sits beside you on the nightstand, while the expander slips underneath your pillow.

When Nora detects that you are snoring (which it does audibly, through the controller), it sends a message to the expander and slightly adjusts the position of your head. This adjustment is very gentle—and is not strong enough to wake you up.

This slight adjustment is said to stimulate the tissue in the back of the throat, which relaxes when you fall asleep and closes in on itself. This is how most cases of snoring are caused.

But when you snore and activate the Nora, these muscles and tissues get stimulated as your head moves slightly up or down. And when they are stimulated, they’re said to tighten back up a bit… which will then stop you from snoring.

According to the company, you can sleep in any position while using the Nora, and the device will work regardless of where your head is at on the pillow. As long as you are using your pillow and your head is on it, it should be able to do the trick.

It even comes with a rechargeable battery, which is pretty cool.

What Do We Think of the Smart Nora?

We really like the looks of this product. We’ve never really seen a product that was designed quite like this before… so we were intrigued when we first caught wind of it.

And as we have continued to follow it, we’ve become even more interested in it.

The only possible downside that we can see is the higher price point. It costs $299 USD.

While it does seem effective, there are a LOT of stop-snoring products out there for less than $100… so this product is certainly a bit more on the ‘expensive’ side.

However, it might prove to be an awesome method for people who are willing to invest that much in a good night’s sleep. Only time will tell for sure… but as of right now, we have our eyes on it.

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