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Published On February 22, 2019 | By Joshua Sigafus | Reviews, Snoring Solutions, Uncategorized
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While it is a bit on the expensive side, if you want the least-invasive treatment option on the market, we absolutely recommend giving Smart Nora a try.

Price 80%
Guarantee 95%
Complaint Score 95%
Strength in Clinical Studies 80%
Our Rating 100%

Introduction – Smart Nora Review

Smart Nora is an anti-snoring  product that has been on everyone’s radar for a little while now. It even got a mention on Oprah’s Favorite Things List! But what exactly is it? What exactly does it do, and how does it work?

We have decided to answer this for ourselves by obtaining a Smart Nora of our own. And lately, we’ve been putting it to use. We’ve learned a lot from this experience, and feel that we know enough now to tell you exactly what we think about it.

What is our official position on Smart Nora? Well, as it turns out, it might be even better than we imagined.

Product Details

When Smart Nora arrives on your doorstep, it will likely be packaged in a simple box. But within that box, you will find beautiful outer packaging in the form of a slip-box that fits snugly around the actual storage unit for the device. When you slip the slip-top box off of the unit, you are left with a small case that feels felt-like to the touch. It is gray and attractive, and pretty much everything fits inside of it for easy storage.

Within the case, you will find the following items.

  • A pillow insert
  • An air tube
  • A comfort sleeve
  • A base (this is the grey storage-case itself, though the motor stays right inside of it)
  • The Pebble
  • The overhead mount for the Pebble
  • The Pebble USB charging cable
  • The Base charging cable (it comes with adapters so that you can use it no matter what country you are in, which we loved!)

At first, this might seem like a confusing setup, especially when you realize that the Pebble and the base unit itself have buttons on them. But rest assured, it is not as difficult to use as you may think at first.

Our Video Review


We generally like to classify products like this as ‘smart anti-snoring devices,’ and Smart Nora certainly fits into this category!

Smart Nora is an anti-snoring product that does not really fit into any ‘normal’ category. It is a smart product, and uses technology to make up for the downsides that most stop-snoring devices fall prey to.

Clinical Studies

On the official website, the company says that Smart Nora is ‘loved by couples’ and ‘independently reviewed.’ They also say that it has gotten ‘proven results from thousands of couples.’ You can read reviews of the product on their website, and also gain access to pretty prolific mentions that the product has enjoyed in mainstream media. But with all of that being said, we did not see any evidence of any clinical studies. This is perhaps a bit of a downside, but thankfully we were able to try the product out for ourselves… so in the end, this first-hand test helped us to determine how well the device worked. (It actually worked great for us! We will talk more about our results in just a moment).

Is This Product FDA and/or ARTG Cleared?

As far as we could tell, this product is neither ARTG nor FDA cleared.

With that being said, we didn’t see this as a huge negative, mostly because this just doesn’t seem to be the kind of product that would require such certification. Yes, it is a product intended to help with snoring. But it does so without going into the body or requiring you to ‘compromise’ yourself like that in any way.

So, it is really just an external device.


Smart Nora is priced at $299 USD on the official product website. That makes it one of the more expensive options that we’ve reviewed… albeit, an awesome one!

If you are pretty strapped for cash or cannot justify spending that much money on an anti-snoring product, then you might want to consider an alternative, less expensive option. But make no mistake… we actually feel like Smart Nora is worth the money, and here is why.

Is the Smart Nora Worth the Money?

We tried out this product ourselves, and we’re sticking by our statement that it is worth the price. I personally hooked it up in my bedroom at home, and ended up being incredibly pleasantly surprised by it.

At first, it seemed complicated. We thought it would take a long time to set up, but it actually only took about five minutes. Once it was up and running, we had to plug the Pebble in to charge it for a little while. But then, it was ready.

I slipped it under my pillow, inside my pillow case before bed, tested it, and went to sleep. I was obviously asleep and unaware of what was going on, but my girlfriend informed me that, soon after I fell asleep, I started snoring. Then, she saw the device start to gently tilt my head upwards, and the snoring stopped—just like it was supposed to!

Did I Wake Up Feeling Any Different?

I actually did. Usually, when I sleep for 8 hours, I wake up feeling okay, but end up getting sleepy again within just a few hours of being up and moving around. But after using Smart Nora, I definitely noticed my energy levels stretching out better throughout the day. I legitimately felt like a hundred bucks after using it!

Order from the official Smart Nora website


Smart Nora Inc. is said to be ‘a fast startup’ with a porous organization design. Their home base is in Toronto.

Business Location

This business is based out of Toronto in Canada.

Are There Any Scam Complaints?

No, Smart Nora is definitely not a scam. Not only is there no evidence of this online, but we also literally tried the product ourselves. It is most definitely a legitimate product!

How Does Smart Nora Work?

Smart Nora Pebble mounted on wall

To start with, you slip the pillow insert underneath your pillow. Then, you connect the Pebble to the base unit, and plug it all in. When you sleep, noise registered by the Pebble sends a message to the base unit to either deflate or inflate the pillow insert. As this happens, your head is tilted very slightly from the movement—which helps your throat muscles to tense up just enough to stop you from snoring.

Obviously, the movement is subtle, and it does not wake you up. It actually works really well!

What Are Actual Customers Saying?

Actual customers are saying a lot of good things about the product. Here are just a few examples of reviews that we’ve found online.

“Whoever invented nora is a genius. Everything else I tried was either useless or so uncomfortable I’d rather snore. I have been having serious snoring problems for years, I can’t explain how good it feels to be able to sleep well again.”

“I was a bit reluctant because of the price, but I finally bought it for my hubby 10 days ago. He hasn’t stopped snoring completely, but believe me, there’s a huuuge difference. He used to snore so loud, I’d wake up more than 5 times a night. Now, I sleep like a baby and he says he feels much better rested too. So happy I decided to give it a try!”

There are also a few negative reviews online, but most of the ‘worst’ ones are simply reports that the product didn’t work. One of the reviews that was particularly negative told the story of a man who bought it, didn’t realize it had a 30-day money back guarantee, and then tried to return it later only to find out he had missed the deadline.

But for the most part, the reviews that we have found have been very positive.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect to spend a few minutes setting the product up. If you don’t use the comfort sleeve, you may end up feeling the insert through the pillow, so make sure to use that!

If our experience was any indication of how it will work for most users, you can probably expect very few problems.

Does This Product Stack Up Against the Competition?

Absolutely. This product is a lot different from most snoring products. It is literally the least-invasive anti-snoring device that we have ever tried.

Key Differences Between This Product and Typical Solutions

The main difference between this product and other anti-snoring products out there is that Smart Nora is completely non-invasive. It doesn’t require you to put anything in your mouth, attach anything to your body, put anything in your nose, etc.

Also, it is quite a bit more expensive than most of the products that we have reviewed.

Is a Prescription or Doctor Involvement Needed?

No. You can use this device without a prescription or any doctor, as it is not a medical device and should not replace what the doctor has prescribed.

Pros and Cons


  • Very minimally invasive
  • Actually works really well
  • Comes with a 30-night trial and a 1-year limited warranty
  • The company offers free shipping
  • Has a lot of very positive customer reviews


  • The price point is high for a stop-snoring device
  • You have to set it up, which takes a little bit of effort
  • It doesn’t work for some people


In conclusion, we actually loved Smart Nora. Yes, it is a bit on the expensive side—but that is really the only thing that even comes close to being a downside about it. If you are having problems snoring, and want the least-invasive treatment option on the market, then we would absolutely recommend giving Smart Nora a try.

Costs and Shipping

Smart Nora costs $299 USD to order on the official website, but they offer free shipping—which is pretty cool!

Information! At the moment, Smart Nora is only available to purchase from the USA and Canada.

We’ll keep you updated when that changes. In the meantime, you can keep an eye on their website for updates or contact their customer service for details: [email protected]

Screenshot of the Website

Smart Nora website
Order from the official Smart Nora website
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