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Published On August 2, 2017 | By Joshua Sigafus | About Snoring, Snoring Solutions

We’ll bet you’ve never heard of snore-banishing headphones before. If you have ever looked into anti-snoring devices, snoring solutions, or strategies for helping you to mitigate the problems caused by snoring, then you’ve doubtlessly realized that there are a ton of different products out there that can help.

And now, the pool has gotten a little bit deeper (so to speak, anyway), with the introduction of the WhisperSom Curv.

This device (which has not technically hit the market yet—but is on the way soon) looks a lot like a Walkman… though it is actually anything but just a music-playing device.

How WhisperSom’s Snore-Banishing Headphones Work

The Curv works like this. While you are sleeping, the snazzy-looking headphones monitor your breathing patterns. If the device detects gaps or spaces where normal breathing is supposed to be taking place, it kicks into action and plays a series of sounds.

These sounds are supposed to trigger our automatic nervous system. When the sounds kick in, we are (supposedly) supposed to start breathing again, as normal. And that is the entire premise, really.

How is this Supposed to Help with Snoring?

You might be thinking to yourself, ‘how could this device help with snoring?’ If you are thinking that people don’t usually stop breathing when they are snoring, you are correct… but the device was actually developed to treat Sleep Apnea… which is a different monster altogether than just regular snoring.

Sleep Apnea is usually the culprit behind the very worst cases of snoring. There are two types, central and obstructive sleep apnea, and both cause the sufferer to experience gaps in breathing as they sleep.

This deprives the brain of oxygen until it registers the emergency and kicks in to jump-start the breathing processes again, but not before sleep is disrupted—and not before your brain has been deprived of enough oxygen to put you at an increased risk for a number of different diseases and ailments, including a heart attack, stroke, cancer, and/or even type-two diabetes.

The main upside to the idea behind this device is that it is very non-invasive. It can also help people to manage their sleep apnea while they are trying to make the lifestyle changes that are said to do the most good to help (losing weight being the most important lifestyle change that usually helps).

The device could also work really well for people who have already lost the weight, but still suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

It could also serve as a replacement, or even help in addition to, a CPAP mask—which is a default method of treatment for many OSA sufferers.

It is unclear exactly what this device is going to cost. It is also unclear, as of yet, if it is actually going to work… or how effective it will be. But many researchers are hopeful, because the idea behind the device seems quite sound (No pun intended!).

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

OSA is a sleep disorder in which the tissues surrounding the airway collapse inward while the individual is asleep. This closes off the airway, and results in a short period of oxygen deprivation to the brain. The brain eventually registers this, and triggers an automatic breathing response… but the idea behind this device is that it would help to bypass this process by alerting the sleeper sooner and with more effectiveness… thus minimizing the problem.

The device can also help you to measure how many Apneas you experience during the night—which is another good thing.

This can give you valuable insight into whether or not you need to go see a specialist—which is highly recommended if you are suffering (or fear you might be suffering) from Sleep Apnea in any capacity.

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