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It might take a few nights to get used to it and there are some cases of snoring that can’t be solved with nasal dilators.

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Snoreben Review

The Snoreben is a nasal dilator that’s said to help prevent snoring by opening up the nasal cavities and allowing more, better airflow through the nose.

It’s supposed to be an effective solution for anyone suffering from snoring due to a deviated septum, collapsed nostrils, narrow nostrils, or even nasal-cavity blockage. The device is supposed to be inserted into the nasal cavity before sleep, and is designed to remain in the nostrils throughout the night.

We’ve reviewed several different types of nasal dilators, so this type of product isn’t necessarily new to us. We were, however, excited to get to look at a new version of this product type.

Here’s what we found out.

Product Details

Snoreben nasal dilators are registered as Class 1 Medical Devices in South-East Asia, the Asia Pacific region, China, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands, and even in North America. They’re recommended for anyone who has nasal breathing problems during sleep, ages 12 or older, and are specially designed with a retaining clip that helps to hold the device in the nasal cavity while in use.

It is continuously reusable, and can be easily cleaned and maintained. It’s also 100% latex free, and is made from soft, medical grade materials that won’t cause skin allergies.

It is also now available in all leading pharmacies in Australia.

In addition to treating snoring, the Snoreben is also said to help with dry mouth, airway obstruction, and nasal congestion – so it seems that it’s a bit of a multi-use product in this regard.


This product is technically a ‘nasal dilator’.

Clinical Studies

The Snoreben device has been pretty thoroughly tested by sleep scientists, and has shown itself to be useful for referred patients who suffered from chronic snoring. Basically, patients spent nights monitored while sleeping – both with and without the device, and the results showed a significant reduction in snoring in patients who uses the Snoreben. Patients who used the device also experienced an increase in oxygen levels.

For more information on the clinical trials performed on this device, you can visit the official Snoreben website.

Is This Product FDA Cleared?

Yes, the Snoreben is an FDA registered medical device, and sells as a Class 1 Medical Device in several different countries – including the US.


The retail price of this product tends to run about $24.95, though you might find that this price will fluctuate a bit from one retailer to the next.

The Snoreben is produced by a company called BENSON MEDICAL SERVICES  Pty Ltd. They are an Australian company that was founded in 2005. Here is what they say that their mission is on the official company website…

“…to enhance their customer’s health and wellbeing by addressing the very common problem of respiratory deficiency and chronic snoring, without the need of medication or surgery, thus improving quality of sleep and health by maintaining increased oxygen level by using these unique, newly developed nasal devices.”

The business address for Benson Medical is as follows…

PO BOX 4363, Bundaberg South QLD 4670

They can also be reach via email at [email protected], or by phone at +61 (0)7 4151 2351.

We’ve done quite a bit of research about this product – and have certainly not found any reason to think it’s a scam. There aren’t many customer reviews to be found online for it, from what we could tell (the official Amazon page for it only had 1 review, and it was 5 stars). But still, the product and the company both seem quite legitimate.

How Does It Work?

Nasal dilators basically help to widen the nasal passages. This is supposed to do two things. First off, it’s supposed to open up the airway through the nose to allow you to breathe better. And second, it helps to promote nasal breathing over mouth breathing, which is said to be much healthier and better for you.

How Snoreben works

What are actual customers saying?

We found a few different customer reviews online – and most of them seemed to have nothing but positive things to say about the product.

Here’s an example of one review that we found on the page for it.

“It seems expensive for just one small, simple device, but I have tried virtually every anti-snore

device available, for years, and none have worked as well as this! It’s easy to use, just pop it in your nose. My wife is very happy about Snoreben, too!”

Information! Another interesting bit of information that we got off of the official website said that Snoreben, as of January of 2011, had been selected by the Comparative Technology Office for USA contractors, as part of the US Defense Procurement Office, to be issued to US Army soldiers with snoring problems. Snoreben was only the 9th product out of 121 Australian medical products that was accepted for selection for US Army personnel – which is a pretty big endorsement, to be honest!

What you can expect

If you try Snoreben, it might take a few nights to get used to it. These types of products can sometimes require a bit of an adjustment period, so try not to pass too much judgement at first – especially if it feels strange in your nose. You should probably give it a solid week before you make your final decision about it.

If it’s going to work for you, though, you’ll likely notice it working pretty much right away in the sense that your snoring will get quite a bit better – even if you’re not completely used to the device itself.

Does this brand stack up against the competition?

Yes, we felt that Snoreben stacked up against the competition. Being chosen by the US army as a product for its personnel is a pretty big endorsement – and to be honest, the design and materials seemed very well-done. We felt that this was a very high-quality nasal dilator.

Key differences between this product and ‘typical’ solutions

The main difference between this product and typical nasal dilators is that this product can be purchased in most mainstream Australian pharmacies – which is certainly an upside.

Is a prescription or doctor involvement needed?

No, you don’t need a prescription or a doctor’s involvement to buy and/or use the Snoreben device.

Pros and cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered while researching this product…


  • It seems like a high quality nasal dilator
  • It’s pretty affordable
  • It can be used long-term, which is really nice
  • You can buy it in most Australian pharmacies
  • It’s FDA approved


  • There really isn’t much of a return policy, because in order to get a refund it has to be ‘unopened and unused’
  • While it seems to be a good take on the nasal dilator, it may not work for some people because some snoring problems don’t originate in the nasal passages


Our official opinion is that we liked the Snoreben – though it does have its limitations. Obviously, there are some cases of snoring that can’t be solved with nasal dilators. Also, the return policy could have been more customer-friendly. But on the other hand, it’s awesome that you can buy it conveniently in pharmacies. The fact that it’s so widely available in Australia is pretty cool. That saves on shipping costs and allows you to pick one up at a moment’s notice, without having to wait for shipping.

We give it a thumbs up, and say that it’s worth a try if you’re looking for a quality nasal dilator that you can continue to reuse.

Costs and Shipping

You can buy this product for about $24.95 at most pharmacies. Shipping, however, is probably going to be free in Australia – because you’ll most likely be able to buy it locally.

Quick Info:

  • Product type: nasal dilator
  • Clinical Studies: yes
  • FDA Cleared: yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: No
  • Shipping Costs to Australia: varies/shipping probably won’t be required

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