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Published On October 25, 2016 | By SDA Editorial Staff | Reviews
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We liked SnoreEze - but it there are a few things we'd like to see them improve!

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SnoreEze is basically an oral spray that was designed to help relieve snoring.

It’s a natural, homeopathic product that’s been getting a bit of attention as of late, and seems to fit in well with recent trends toward natural healing and ‘back to the earth’ types of treatment for common ailments (and snoring certainly qualifies as a common ailment).

But is it useful and effective for treating snoring?

Here’s what we found out.

Product Details

This oral spray contains a number of active ingredients that are supposed to work together to reduce nasal and throat inflammation and perform other functions in an effort to promote better breathing. Here’s a list of the ingredients that you’ll find given on the product label…

  • Apis mel. 6C
  • Histaminum mur. 9C
  • Kali bich. 6X
  • Lac can. 6C
  • Lemna min. 6X
  • Nux vom. 6C
  • Pulsatilla 6X
  • Ratanhia 6X
  • Rheum 6X
  • Teucrium mar. 6X
  • Zincum met. 6C

One thing that we noticed right away was that some of these ingredients were a bit unusual. Effective and popular, yes – but when we started researching exactly what they were, we were actually quite surprised. Not in a bad way – just, surprised.

For example, the first ingredient, which his labeled as Apis mel., is an ingredient more popularly known as Apis Mellifica. It’s an incredibly popular homeopathic ingredient, and is actually made from a crushed up honeybee. Yes, a crushed up honeybee. Here’s how it was described on a blog post we found on…

“Apis mellifica, otherwise known as Apis, is made from a honeybee. In an FDA-regulated homeopathic pharmacy, a honeybee is crushed, added to alcohol, and then diluted so many times the offending aspect of the bee venom is removed, leaving only the curative agent. After this procedure, it becomes a powerful medicine for an actual honeybee sting and for ailments that have similar symptoms.”

Anyway, this is certainly a true homeopathic-type product, and seems pretty legit, in our opinion.  You might not support an ingredient like this if you are a die-hard vegan, but the product isn’t advertised as vegan-friendly.


This product would technically be classified as an Oral Spray.

Clinical Studies

We haven’t seen anything to indicate that this product has been clinically tested in any way – so it would seem that it hasn’t really had any testing done to determine how effective it may be in a clinical setting, which is a bit of a downside for us.

Is This Product FDA Cleared?
No. We haven’t seen any indication that this product is FDA cleared.


You can buy a 20ml bottle of SnoreEze for $21.50AUD, which is honestly a pretty good price for a homeopathic product like this. This is much less than you would pay for a lot of essential oil blends – so in that sense, it seems like a bargain.

One thing that we didn’t see was any sort of money back guarantee or anything like that – so, as far as we could tell, it would seem like once you place an order on this site and receive the product, there is no real system in place to process a return or anything like that. They might take returns if you contact them, of course – but they don’t seem to have an actual money back guarantee in place.

SnoreEze Oral Spray is made by a company called Brauer Natural Medicine.

Here’s a small excerpt from the company website that helps to explain the company’s mission…

“Brauer Natural Medicine has been built on the principles of homeopathy  –  one of the world’s most widely used and trusted systems of natural medicine, established for over 200 years.”

The website also says this…

“Brauer Natural Medicine’s homeopathic products use ingredients traditionally used in homeopathic medicine to work with your body and provide temporary relief from symptoms of many everyday health problems: arthritis pain, stress, allergies, colds and sleeping problems, as well as baby and childhood problems like teething pain, colic and mild fevers.”

The company’s official business address is as follows…

1 Para Road (PO Box 234)

Tanunda, 5352, Australia

You can also reach them by phone at +61 8 8563 2932, or by email at [email protected]

In our research, we really didn’t come across anything that suggested that this product is a scam, in any sense of the word. It seems to be a legitimate product offered by a truly legitimate company.

How does it work?

The product was designed to help reduce inflammation of the nose and throat. It was also designed to help unblock the nasal passages, to help with allergies, and to limit mucus production, which would allow the sleeper to breathe more easily, thus reducing or eliminating snoring problems.

What are actual customers saying?

This is a difficult question to answer with this product, as there aren’t very many customer reviews available (that we could find, anyway) at this point in time. We simply didn’t find enough information to go off of – which means that we can only make an educated guess as to how well it might work, not necessarily how well it has been proven to work.

We liked the formulation of ingredients, and it certainly seems to be a product that would do a good job – but at this present time, it’s virtually impossible to say for sure whether this product will really work for you or not based on customer reviews alone.

What you can expect

If this product is going to help you, you will probably notice it within the first week or so of use. Keep in mind, however, that other factors could contribute to keeping it from working as well as it could. For example, on the official website, it says that being overweight, sleeping on your side, or drinking alcohol before bed can all contribute to snoring (which is true), and it also goes without saying that these things could certainly also impact how well this product works.

Does this brand stack up against the competition?

Yes, we think it does. It’s a very natural homeopathic remedy that utilizes proven homeopathic ingredients. The company has released many similar products, and seems to do well. Other products in this category can seldom claim the homeopathic label, which makes SnoreEze a bit unique.

Key differences between this product and ‘typical’ solutions

The main difference between this product and other oral sprays is the fact that this one is made completely from homeopathic ingredients.

Is a prescription or doctor involvement needed?


Pros and cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered over the course of our research…


  • We liked the ingredient list
  • We also really like this company and the products that they make
  • SnoreEze Oral Spray is actually pretty affordable for a natural product
  • Oral sprays like this one are a great choice for people who would rather not use an actual plastic device (like an MAD or a tongue stabilization device)


  • We couldn’t find many customer reviews, so it was difficult to say for sure what customer experiences tend to be
  • It would have been nice to see a money back guarantee or something like that offered by the company on their website
  • There was really no clinical testing data (that we could find) to verify that the product has been proven to work in a laboratory


We liked SnoreEze – but it does have some problems. It would be nice to hear about more customer experiences, so that we could gauge how well it worked for the majority of users. We also wish there was some sort of money back guarantee offered on the website. It would also be nice to see some data from clinical trials.

But beyond these shortcomings, we really liked the ingredient list and the idea of the product, and see no reason why it wouldn’t be worth a try if you’re looking for something that’s both an oral spray and homeopathic.

Costs and Shipping

A bottle of SnoreEze costs $21.50. Shipping varies by location.

Quick Info:

  • Product type: Oral Spray
  • Clinical Studies: No
  • FDA Cleared: No
  • Money Back Guarantee: No
  • Shipping Costs to Australia: Varies by location

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