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Published On September 4, 2015 | By SDA Editorial Staff | Reviews
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Despite the larger price tag, I would still recommend SnoreMD to anyone who doesn’t mind paying for real quality in a mandibular advancement device sector.

Price 60%
Guarantee 75%
Complaint Score 75%
Shipping Cost 70%
Our Rating 80%

Introduction – SnoreMD Stop Snoring Device Review

The SnoreMD is a stop-snoring device that’s made in the USA and designed to help stop snoring by advancing the lower jaw. This is a pretty common theme among stop-snoring devices, and seems to be repeated over and over in the designs of similar products – though I can definitely say that the SnoreMD boasts some very unique features that make it stand out a bit more than usual.

The biggest thing that makes this product different from the rest is its ability to use micro-adjustments to further customize the fit after the Thermal-Fit (boil-and-bite) technology has been used to mold the device to the mouth. With a combination of these two technologies, the SnoreMD definitely has the potential to be one of the most comfortable devices on the market.

But does it live up to this potential?

Here’s what we found out over the course of our research.

Product Details

This product packs quite a few features into a small package – which is definitely a good thing. The official website is actually very informative. I found it easy to understand the mouthpiece and the different features that it offered after only a few minutes of reading – which was impressive in terms of the quality of the content.

Here is a list of features that the SnoreMD comes equipped with.

  • Thermal-Fit technology, which allows for a completely customized fit.
  • Micro-Fit, which is a feature that gives you the ability to ‘adjust’ the level of jaw advancement by 1 mm increments.
  • Posi-Lock, which is a feature that allows you to ‘lock in’ your settings for consistency.
  • F-Flow. This feature allows for full airflow through the mouth.
  • Flex-Jaw. This feature gives the user the ability to control lateral jaw movement.
  • Calibrator. This ‘indicator’ gives you a clear reading of exactly how many increments you’ve chosen to set the device to.


This product is technically a mandibular advancement device, or MAD.

Clinical Studies

I haven’t really seen any direct clinical study data linked to or supplied on the official product website. If this product has been tested in a clinical setting, then the information must be pretty difficult to find.

Is this product FDA cleared?

Yes! According to the official website, this product is FDA cleared.

You can order the SnoreMD for $149.00 on the official product website. This seems a bit high, in my opinion – but then again, the SnoreMD is offering some pretty dynamic features that a lot of other stop snoring devices simply can’t deliver.

In the end, I would probably say that I don’t really have a problem with the price because I believe this product to be pretty high-quality – and quality products aren’t always going to be cheap to buy.

Is the SnoreMD worth it? I would probably say ‘yes’, especially if you’re looking for quality and prioritize performance over a lower cost.

The company that makes the SnoreMD stop snoring mouthpiece is called StopSnoring, LLC.
The company’s corporate headquarters is located at the following address…

StopSnoring, LLC

29 Pisano Street.

Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

I’ve done quite a bit of research about this product – and am happy to announce that I found nothing that was really ‘scam worthy’ in any respect. This definitely seems to be a legitimate product, and the company seems to be who they say they are.

How does the product work?

The SnoreMD is a mandibular advancement device, meaning that it works by advancing the lower jaw slightly during sleep. It also uses boil and bite technology to achieve a custom fit, which is definitely advantageous and a good idea for any stop snoring devices that you can buy and have shipped directly to your home. But the SnoreMD also goes beyond this to offer additional customization settings via the built-in ‘micro fit’ technology.

You can make very small (1mm increment) adjustments to the level of advancement by using these settings to put it exactly where you need it – which is said to increase both comfort and effectiveness.

How SnoreMD works

What are actual customers saying?

Actual customer seem to be saying very good things about this product. I searched for quite a while, and was still unable to find very many negative reviews. In fact, I found so few that I really didn’t see anything worth sharing. Of course, the device doesn’t work for everyone – which is a given for almost anything—but all in all, it seems to do the job.

Here’s what one customer had to say about the SnoreMD.

“Bought the chin strap and it didn’t work well enough to stop my snoring. So the store gave me full credit for it (even though I’d already used it) and then I got this SnoreMD. Which I never thought I would wear something like this. But it actually works to stop snoring. I am allowed back in the bedroom again.”

– Customer review about the SnoreMD, quoted from

What you can expect

After the first night, you might realize that keeping the device in can be a bit of a challenge – though it should be noted that this isn’t just the case with the SnoreMD. This is really true with every stop-snoring device out there.

After the second night, you should begin to notice that it’s easier to keep it in than it was before—though it might take up to a week to really get used to it. You may also need to adjust the settings a little bit – as it can take some trial and error at first to figure out exactly which setting will work the best for you.

Does this brand stack up against the competition?

Yes, I would definitely say that this product stacks up against the competition. It offers fantastic quality and some features that other similar devices simply don’t have – which makes it a definite market contender.

Key differences between this product and ‘typical’ solutions

The main difference between the SnoreMD and other ‘typical’ snoring products is that it contains the Micro-Fit technology – which allows you to further customize it as-needed to improve both comfort and performance.

Is a prescription or doctor involvement needed?

You do technically need a prescription to order this product – though it should be noted that you can order it directly from the company website by filling out a questionnaire. Using this, the company can actually issue you a prescription and send you the mouthpiece.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that I discovered as I researched the SnoreMD.


  • It seems well-made
  • It’s FDA cleared
  • It’s adjustable
  • It uses boil and bite technology
  • It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee


  • It’s a bit on the expensive side
  • I didn’t find any specific clinical-trial information
  • You can’t get free shipping on international orders


In my opinion, the SnoreMD is a high-quality stop snoring mouthpiece. It’s made from high quality components, and seems to a lot of things right. The fact that you can further customize it even after boiling and fitting it is, in itself, pretty impressive.

I give it two thumbs up – and despite the larger price tag, I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind paying for real quality in a mandibular advancement device.

Costs and shipping

You can buy this product for $149.00 on the official product website. You can get it shipped for free within the US, though to get it sent to Australia, you’ll have to pay a shipping fee of somewhere between $10 and $55, depending upon the specific location.

The best place to buy this product is probably on the official SnoreMD website.

 Quick information

Product type: MAD

Clinical Studies: No

FDA Cleared: Yes

Money Back Guarantee: 30 day money back guarantee

Shipping Costs to Australia: $10-$55

Screenshot of the Website

SnoreMD Website

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