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Published On June 21, 2023 | By SDA Editorial Staff | Reviews
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85 %

Product design isn’t necessarily groundbreaking (this type of product has been produced before), but for the price and the fact that it does what it says on the box, you won't find a cheaper product.

Price 95%
Guarantee 80%
Complaint Score 95%
Strength in Clinical Studies 70%
Our Rating 85%

SnoreMeds is a custom-fitted stop-snoring mouthpiece that you can wear while you’re sleeping. It’s ideal for people who have a habitual snoring problem, and comes in two different sizes – one for males, and one for females.

Of course, there are a lot of products like this on the market today – so what makes SnoreMeds different?

Here’s what I found out over the course of my research when writing SnoreMeds review.

Product Details

There are definitely a few things about this product that make it different from the competition. For one, the device contains small emergency holes that allow the wearer to breathe through the mouthpiece if the need arises. These holes also help to cut down on the amount of saliva build-up while sleeping.

Another pretty cool thing about this device is that it comes in two different sizes. There is an ‘original fit’ mouthpiece that’s larger and recommended for men, and a ‘small fit’ version that may be more suitable for women.


This product would definitely fall under the ‘jaw realignment’ device category. It basically works by shifting and holding the lower jaw forward. Some people also call this type of product a ‘mandibular device’.

Clinical Studies

As far as I could tell, there have been no clinical studies conducted with the SnoreMeds device. There have been some studies conducted with other similar devices, but in this instance it seems that the product hasn’t been put through that kind of testing. There are, however, a number of positive reviews recorded on the website that seem to indicate that a lot of people like it once they try it.

On the official website, the company also states that these mouthpieces ‘have proved to be successful with 85% of snoring sufferers.’

Is this product FDA cleared?

According to the official SnoreMeds website, their mouthpieces are made from ‘FDA cleared hyperallergenic thermoplastic which is BPA and latex free.’ The term ‘FDA cleared’ basically means that the FDA has reviewed the product and found no reason to restrict its sale.


You can buy a package with four mouthpieces, 4 spatula, and 1 antibacterial container for $70.90. This is definitely a good deal, because you’re actually getting four mouthpieces for a price that some brands only give you one for. You can also buy a single pack for $40.90, or a double pack for $50.90.

SnoreMeds employs what they call a ‘specialized team of professionals’ to fulfill the daily tasks of the business. All of their products are assembled and packaged at the official business premises, and quality checks are made on a regular basis to ensure that customers are getting the finest service available.

SnoreMeds business address is…

2015 SnoreMeds Online Store. 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-5109, Valley Cottage, NY 10989

As usual, I made it a point to search the internet for rumors of scams regarding this product—and am happy to report that I found nothing that led me to believe that this isn’t a legitimate product. As far as I can tell, there haven’t been any complaints referencing a scam or fraudulent activity involving this retailer.

Click Here to Visit the Official SnoreMeds Website

In my personal opinion, it’s safe to say that ordering this product from the official product website will not subject you to any kind of unscrupulous business practices.

How does the product work?

Before the SnoreMeds mouthpiece can be worn, it’ll need to be boiled and fitted – which is a fairly simple and straightforward process that isn’t unlike what is required by other similar types of products.

Once the product has been fitted correctly, it works by moving the lower jaw forward slightly while being worn. This, in turn, is intended to open up the back of the airway – giving the air more room to move through the throat and causing fewer vibrations. See below my video review of SnoreMeds.

What are actual customers saying?

I encountered a lot of positive feedback as I researched this product. I was also impressed with the fact that I found very few negative reviews. Some users said that the product ‘wasn’t the best,’ but that it wasn’t necessarily a ‘bad product’ either – though these types of reviews were few and far between.

Here are some examples of positive reviews that I’ve read while researching this device.

“I would say my snoring is 85% gone now, and that’s just after a short while of use.”

“A great-looking product and, more importantly, an effective one.”

What you can expect

During the first night of use, it isn’t uncommon for the SnoreMeds device to fall out of your mouth. It will definitely take some time to get used to it, so don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work out the first couple of nights. After the second or third night, you and your partner will probably notice that your snoring has declined significantly – though you still might not quite be used to how it feels to wear it.

After seven or more days of use, you’ll likely begin to enjoy wearing it – just because you’ll feel so much better during the day afterward. You’ll probably get to the point where you won’t like going to bed without it.

Does this brand stack up against the competition?

Yes, SnoreMeds definitely stands up amongst the competition. It might not be the fanciest device on the market – but it’s offered at a reasonable price and provides a quality remedy for snoring problems that anyone can make use of.

Key differences between this product and ‘typical’ solutions

The main difference between SnoreMeds and a lot of other stop-snoring mouthpieces is the fact that it has breathing holes in the front. While this feature isn’t unheard of among stop-snoring mouthpieces, it definitely isn’t a common one – and yet, it can make the product much easier to use and get used to.

Personally, I felt that this was an excellent feature to include in the device.

Is a prescription or doctor involvement needed?

You won’t need a doctor or a prescription to make use of the SnoreMeds device – though you might want to contact your physician anyway if you feel that you may be suffering from sleep apnea.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that I discovered about this device.


  • It’s well designed
  • It comes in two different sizes – one for males and one for females
  • It contains breathing/saliva drainage holes
  • It’s made of FDA cleared materials
  • Price point is very reasonable
  • Item #3


  • Some customers have said that this device is ‘ok’, but not fantastic
  • Doesn’t contain a ton of features that distinguish it from the competition


I was definitely impressed by this device. The design isn’t necessarily groundbreaking (this type of product has been produced before), but it did seem like it would get the job done for a good price.

All in all, you should definitely take a look at it if you’re thinking about trying to curb your snoring problem without expensive surgery or pills.

Costs and shipping

You can buy a SnoreMeds device from the official company website for $40.90. After shipping ($8.50), you can expect to pay a total of $49.40 (as of the time that this review was written).

The best and the ONLY place to buy SnoreMeds is from the official company website and there are some great deals if you buy more than one device at a time.

Click Here to Visit the Official SnoreMeds Website

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