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Published On October 27, 2015 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring

Snoring Stereotypes

Don’t fall for these common snoring presuppositions – there isn’t as much to them as you might think

Snoring isn’t what you would consider a necessarily ‘alarming’ habit – at least in most cases. If you were to out yourself as a ‘snorer’, most people probably wouldn’t give it much of a second thought. They might say ‘yeah, so am I’, or ‘I don’t really snore’, and then go on with their day – and that’s that. They probably won’t freak out or find it strange – and that’s a good thing.

Snoring definitely doesn’t qualify as a medical emergency – nor does it deserve to be labeled as a ‘nasty’ or ‘gross’ habit, and most people would agree with this (though, of course, getting your snoring under control will greatly increase the quality of your sleep and help to you stay healthier, more active, and more alert).

But there are definitely some snoring stereotypes circulating around out there – and they can tend to make the ‘snoring talk’ a bit more difficult if they aren’t dealt with and explained away.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the most common snoring stereotypes out there – and we’re going to attempt to explain them in a way that will make sense and attach some ‘logic’ to the stories.

Young and/or attractive girls don’t snore


Snoring isn’t something that girls do… is it?

As it turns out, the answer to this is definitely a yes. While it may be true that more men than women do tend to snore, the condition doesn’t seem to discriminate much when it comes to gender. Girls and guys both snore – and believe it nor not, good-looks don’t have much to do with anything. It’s really more about the muscles around the soft palate than it is about the face or the body (though body weight and overall physical fitness may indeed play a role).

Snoring only happens if you’re overweight

This is another stereotype that doesn’t necessarily send the correct message. While being overweight may increase your odds of experiencing a snoring problem, it definitely isn’t the only possible cause. In fact, even people who are in fantastic physical health can experience snoring. It may have nothing to do with how much you weigh!

But this stereotype does tend to stick around, and people continue to believe it (at least until they know better) because of the strong correlation that does exist between snoring and obesity. Being overweight increases your odds for snoring because people who are overweight tend to have more fatty tissue around the neck – and more fatty tissue generally means more airway constriction. And more airway constriction will usually mean an increase in your odds for developing a snoring problem.

So your body weight can affect your snoring – but it isn’t the only cause and may not even play a part.

People only snore if they’re sleep deprived

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard this one or not – but it tends to make the rounds from time to time, and it definitely isn’t based in fact.

Some people seem to equate snoring to needing sleep – though, as it turns out, these two things really have nothing to do with each other.

Someone who is sleep deprived can definitely snore, but someone who gets enough sleep may also snore. Snoring depends more on your overall physical health and the shape of your throat/jaw/nasal passages than it does on the quality of your sleep in-general – though someone with a bad snoring problem will probably end up sleep deprived if they don’t get the problem fixed.


In the end, try to remember that cases of snoring and the reasons for it will tend to vary by individual – and that what causes one person to snore may not be what’s causing it for someone else.

Of course, there are some remedies that may help the majority of snoring sufferers (like some stop-snoring devices that are on the market today), but stereotypes don’t really help with this. They only tend to confuse people and send unclear messages about who should or shouldn’t be experiencing the problem and what must be done to fix it.

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