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Published On February 9, 2017 | By SDA Editorial Staff | Reviews
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It might not work as well for snoring sufferers who have nasal obstructions or other nasal problems.

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Snore guards are one of the most popular anti-snoring treatment options available today. They are also one of the most effective. But make no mistake – not every snore guard is equal, and some of them are certainly better than others.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the Somni Snore Guard. A brief look at the official product website left us impressed rather quickly – but we decided to dig a bit deeper to find out if this product really makes the cut in the ways that matter most.

Here’s what we found out.

Product Details

The Somni Snore Guard is basically a stop snoring device that, for the most part, is sort-of similar to many mandibular advancement devices in construction. There is, however, one big difference that we noticed right away. Unlike other mandibular advancement devices, this product doesn’t actually put pressure on your teeth to advance your jawline.

Information! Which brings us to the second most interesting thing we found out over the course of our research. This mouthpiece DOES NOT advance your jawline! At first glance, it looks a lot like a differently-shaped MAD, but it actually doesn’t work like a typical mandibular advancement device at all!


This device is still technically a snoring mouth guard – but it is not an MAD. They call it an intra-oral vestibular shield.

Clinical Studies

There was actually quite a bit of clinical data recorded on the official company website – which was pretty awesome as far as we were concerned. According to the data, out of 77 chronic snorers who tested the devices in a clinical trial conducted in South Africa, 77.9 percent of them benefitted from wearing the device.

You can read through the clinical data yourself here, on the official product website.

There are also some other statistics on the website that make some pretty big claims about the product – though it would seem that these were gathered from customer feedback, not clinical trials.

  • 98% of first time users find the device completely comfortable
  • 80% of chronic snorers find that this device controls their snoring
  • It has a 100% safety record
  • 100% of the time, the device is customized successfully at home without requiring professional help (it has boil-and-bit, or boil-and-fit, technology for a custom fitting)

Is This Product FDA Cleared?

It says on the official product website that the Somni Snore Guard is made “of FDA and EU standards approved food grade Ethylene-vinyl acetate.”

As far as we can tell, the device itself is not technically FDA approved.

If you are going to order this product in Australia, then the best place to order it from would probably be Here, you can purchase the device for $45.95 – which is a pretty good price, really – especially when you take into account that it is reusable for up to 24 months before you need to buy a new one.
This product seems to be the product of a company called Somni… but the company that actually sells the product is called NAMRAD, which stands for National Advertising Media Rates and Data. This company is a South African company, but they have partners in many other parts of the world – including in countries like Botswana, Europe, USA, the UK, and Nigeria.

According to the official company website, this product has been on the market for about 18 years now.

The address we found on the official company website is based out of Gauteng, and is intended for returns.

P.O.Box 14244, Bredell, Gauteng, 1623

Scam Complaints

We’ve searched the internet pretty thoroughly for evidence of any sort of ‘scam-like’ activity, and are pleased to report that we didn’t find anything of the sort while researching the Somni Snore Guard.

How Does The Product Work?

So, the Somni Snore Guard needs to be fitted before use with boil and bite technology – which means that you essentially boil it and then place it (as the instructions indicate) within the mouth for a custom fitting. When this fitting is complete, you can use the device while you sleep.

How it actually helps to stop snoring is by cutting out incidences of mouth breathing. It forms a barrier in your mouth that comfortably keeps you from breathing that way, which will cause you to naturally breathe through your nose instead. This, according to the official website, is said to help you avoid the structures of the oropharynx… which is a major contributor to snoring problems.

What are actual customers saying?

Actual customers seem to be saying a lot of really good things about this product. We’ve found quite a wealth of customer reviews online, and the vast majority of them are very, very good. You can actually find a ton of reviews for this product, on There are quite a few to browse through, and they seem to be legitimate, real reviews for the product.

What you can expect

The official company website says that there is an 80% chance that the mouthpiece will work for you. But, they also say that it may take a few nights to really get used to it. If you haven’t gotten used to it by then, you should try to re-mold the device, as per instructions, to make sure that it’s fitting comfortably.

Does this brand stack up against the competition?

Yes, this product certainly offers benefits that make it stack up with the competition. For one, it is (sort of) backed up by clinical trials. Secondly, it’s not really an MAD, which makes it unique. And third, it has been called a ‘best seller’ by the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association (2005). WHAT?

Key differences between this product and ‘typical’ solutions

The main difference between this product and other ‘typical’ solutions is that this product, while still a mouthpiece, is not a mandibular advancement device or a tongue stabilization device. Instead, it works by helping the person using it to breathe through the nose instead of the mouth – which is said to be very beneficial for preventing snoring.

Is a prescription or doctor involvement needed?

No. You won’t need a doctor or a prescription to buy and use the Somni Snore Guard.

Pros and cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that we discovered about the Somni Snore Guard over the course of our research…


  • It has really good reviews
  • It’s affordable
  • There has been a lot of clinical testing done that has shown that this type of device is effective for snoring
  • It doesn’t strain the teeth like MADs might
  • It uses boil and bite technology to achieve a custom fit


  • There isn’t any specific clinical information about this product
  • It might not work as well for snoring sufferers who have nasal obstructions or other nasal problems
  • As far as we can tell, this device isn’t FDA approved (Though, to be super fair, this certainly isn’t an indication that it’s not a good product. It’s just something to note.)


In the end, we liked this product. If you live in Australia, then keep in mind that the best website to order it from is probably… but really, we didn’t find anything about this product that we didn’t like.

It might not work for you if you have some sort of problem that causes you to snore through your nose (like a nasal blockage or something like that)… but if mouth breathing is contributing to your snoring problem in a negative way, then the Somni Snore Guard has a good chance of helping to clear things up.

Costs and Shipping

This product costs $45.00 to buy in Australia, and can be shipped for as little as $8 in shipping and handling charges.

Quick Info:

  • Product type: Intra-oral vestibular shield
  • Clinical Studies: Yes (on vestibular shields – not necessarily on this product)
  • FDA Cleared: The material is FDA approved – but not necessarily the product
  • Money Back Guarantee: None
  • Shipping Costs to Australia: $8

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