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Stop-Snoring Chin Straps – What are they?

Stop snoring chin straps are basically straps that wrap around the head and down around the chin. They’re usually made from some type of material that’s both stretchy and strong, and are designed to support the jaw while you sleep.

Intended to help prevent snoring, chin straps have gained quite a bit of traction as a stop-snoring solution that may appeal to a number of different people for a number of different reasons. Using a chin strap to prevent snoring approaches the problem from a unique angle. Chin straps are a lot different than other stop-snoring methods, making them a great option for people who prefer not to sleep with anything in their mouths – or just aren’t finding what they need in other products.

While they might not always be quite as effective as other stop-snoring methods, chin straps can work very well for some people.

How do they work?

Stop snoring chin straps work by holding the lower jaw in place during sleep. Whenever we fall asleep, our muscles tend to relax – which can cause the mouth to hang open. This ‘relaxation’ of the muscles can contribute to snoring and may block the airway – but you can help to prevent it by wearing a chin strap to support the jaw.

Chin Strap to Prevent Snoring

When the jaw is supported, the airway will remain in a more ‘open’ state – which will give you more room to breathe and, possibly, to help prevent incidences of snoring.

What are the benefits?

Stop snoring chin straps actually have many benefits. First of all, they don’t require you to keep anything in your mouth while you sleep – which may appeal to people who aren’t comfortable with MADs or Tongue Retaining Devices.

Secondly, they’re actually very comfortable – which may appeal to people who have trouble sleeping while using other less-comfortable snoring solutions.

They’re also super-easy to use. You literally just strap it on, and you’re good to go. They don’t need to be custom-fitted or adjusted in any way – which is nice.

What are the downsides?

The main downside to chin straps is that they may not be quite as effective as tongue retaining devices or MADs, because they deal with the same problem in a more ‘indirect’ way. Some people also might not like to wear them because of how they look. Since they go on the outside of the head and not on the inside of the mouth, they’re easily visible – and some people might not be quite as comfortable with that concept because of how the product might make them look to other people.

Should you use one?

If you have a snoring problem, but don’t want to put anything in your mouth to deal with it – then a chin strap might be a perfect option for you to try. Some people really don’t like the idea of sleeping with something in their mouth – and this product might be an awesome alternative for people who feel that way.

When shouldn’t you use one?

Sometimes, chin straps don’t help enough to get rid of snoring completely, because they only serve to open up the airway by a minimal amount.

While this will likely be enough for most people, some may require a more intensive solution – such as a tongue stabilization device or an MAD.

If you don’t like the idea of being seen wearing a chin-strap while you’re sleeping, then you might not like this option. Also, visually speaking, some people just don’t like how they look – so this is something to take into account as well.


Information! Chin straps could be a good choice for people who want to stop snoring but don’t want to bother with keeping something in their mouth throughout the night. They could also be an effective solution for people with dentures, as MADs aren’t always possible to use in such circumstances.

It’s very important to remember that snoring is bad for you. While it might not seem like a big problem in the short-term, long-term sleep loss will definitely take its toll – so finding a solution that seems to work could be the best thing you ever do for yourself. Being sleep deprived will only cause you problems – so be proactive and find a stop-snoring method that works for you.

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