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Stop-Snoring Medications

Stop-Snoring Medications

Stop-Snoring Medications – What are they?

There are a number of different types of pills, medications, and supplements that can be taken to help improve your quality of sleep – and some of them also prevent snoring as well. There are actually so many of these types of products to choose from that it would likely be impossible to list them all here – but we’re going to discuss the category in-general, in hopes that you’ll find out what you need to know in terms of basic information.

How do they work?

The first thing that you need to know is that the term ‘medication’ is a very broad term that ranges from prescription medications, to supplements, to vitamin formulas. In other words, pretty much anything in a gel, capsule, or pill form could really be described as a ‘stop-snoring medication’ in casual conversation.

Attention! But keep in mind that the term ‘medication’, when used by doctors, usually refers to a ‘medicine or drug’ – not necessarily to a vitamin or a vitamin supplement.

Just be aware of the fact that people call different things by different names – and that you should always take responsibility for what you’re buying and putting into your body. Make sure to do your own research so that you can be sure you’re not ingesting something that’s going to cause you any kind of harm or trouble!

Now, on to how they work.

Different sleep aids work in different ways, obviously – but the main function of most typical anti-snoring medications is to shrink the skin in the soft palate so that it doesn’t vibrate as badly.

Snoring is usually caused by soft-palate vibration in the throat. During sleep, the muscles and skin in this area tend to relax, which constricts the airway. As air moves through, it vibrates it – which is what causes snoring.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of this type of stop-snoring product is that it’s easy to use and doesn’t require you to keep a device in your mouth.

They’re also inexpensive to try, because buying just one bottle or box of stop-snoring pills or supplement capsules is often much cheaper than buying other snoring solution devices.

What are the downsides?

The main downside to these types of products is that you need to continue buying them to use them – which can get expensive. Most stop snoring devices (like MADs and tongue retaining devices) only require you to buy one product, which you will then use for months.

Can get expensive

Another downside is that products like this often have a minimal effect on the soft-tissue itself – which is different from MADs, which have a very extensive affect (they shift the entire jaw forward). So, in other words, medication might not always work – especially for very severe cases of snoring.

Should you try a stop-snoring medication?

Medications can do you a lot of good, and you should never underestimate their effectiveness. They can be used in conjunction with almost any other type of snoring solution as well – which is awesome.

If you’ve got a bad snoring problem and you need something to help rectify the situation, then a stop-snoring medication could be an awesome product to try. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results!

When shouldn’t you use them?

Obviously, if you try a medication and it doesn’t work for you, you should probably discontinue it. You should also make sure to check the ingredient list for possible allergens before taking any type of pill or supplement – just to be sure.

Never take a medication that hasn’t been clinically tested and found to be safe and effective, and never trust products that don’t seem to have any scientific evidence behind them.


In the end, stop-snoring medications can be an awesome way to go if you’re tired of looking at devices, chin straps, and pillows. For some people, taking a pill is just much easier and much more convenient. If you feel the same way, then maybe you should give it a try before moving onto something else.

Remember that it doesn’t cost much to try a medication first. MADs may technically do more to alleviate the causes of snoring, but for some people, pills are more than enough. A lot of people have pretty much fixed their snoring problem with anti-snoring supplements, so don’t be afraid to give them a try – just to see how it goes!

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