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Published On January 22, 2018 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring, Snoring Solutions

Imagine this scenario…

You awake from what felt like was a peaceful sleep, to find your partner jabbing you in the ribs with their elbow. When you look at them, they peer angrily at you with groggy eyes.

“You’re snoring so loud! Why have you been snoring so much lately?”

You lay there, barely awake, dumbfounded.

Have you really been snoring lately?

But that doesn’t sound like you. You’ve never had a problem with snoring… until now, apparently. And this night, of all nights, it appears that your partner is not having any of it.

So how did this happen? Why have you started snoring all of a sudden? And more importantly, what can you do about it?

Let’s talk about that.

How Did This Happen? Why Have You Started Snoring Now?

Snoring is common—but if it has never happened to you before, you might be wondering, why has it started now? Well, it could be a number of different factors. Snoring basically happens when the soft palate collapses in on the airway, restricting airflow. This causes the soft tissues within to ‘vibrate’ when you breathe. This is known as soft-palate vibration, and is the predominant cause of snoring.

As for how you started snoring, and why it started now, of all times… well, that is anybody’s guess. But you can look for some clues in your life that might help to give you an answer. Have you gained weight recently? That can contribute to snoring quite a bit, as it contributes to a buildup of fatty tissue around the airway.

Even just getting older can contribute to this problem, because aging tissues in the throat can absolutely collapse in more often and to a greater degree.

Have you developed a smoking or alcohol habit recently? Both of these habits can make you more likely to snore, and each for very different reasons. Tobacco use contributes to poorer health in general, and drinking alcohol can cause your throat muscles and tissues to relax even further.

Have you been congested lately? Congestion can obviously contribute to a snoring problem, in a number of ways.

Have you changed your sleep position lately? Sleeping on your back has been shown to increase your odds of snoring by quite a bit.

And finally… have you started taking any new medications? Medications can mess with your body, your hormones, and your energy levels… and they can certainly contribute to a snoring problem in some cases.

If you have recently gotten into some sort of accident involving your jaw, it is also possible that a misalignment has caused a sudden onset of snoring.

But do not fear! There are always remedies that you can try. Let’s look at some options.

What Can You Do About It?

If you have recently started snoring, then it might be a good idea to consult your physician… to see if there is anything that you could possibly do about it from a doctor’s point of view. You should also rule out whether or not you are suffering from sleep apnea.

Aside from this, you should probably try sleeping in a different position. It is commonly known that sleeping on your back can make your snoring worse, so try sleeping on your side instead.

Drinking more water can also help with your snoring problem, as can keeping your pillows fresh and washed.

But if these steps do not help, you can always try a stop-snoring device of some sort. Mandibular advancement devices, tongue stabilization devices, and hybrid devices (which utilize both types of technology) are some of the most popular and useful—though there are many to choose from.

The important thing is that you try to do something about it. Snoring might not seem like a big problem… but it can certainly contribute to poorer health in a lot of different ways.

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