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Published On September 2, 2015 | By SDA Editorial Staff | Reviews
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Personally, this device didn’t really do the trick in getting rid of my snoring problem - but I’ll also admit that my snoring problem might be different than what some other people experience.

Price 90%
Guarantee 75%
Complaint Score 45%
Shipping Cost 75%
Our Rating 65%

Introduction – The Snore Eliminator Chinstrap Review

The Snore Eliminator is one of the first chinstrap-type stop snoring devices that I’ve ever used but I definitely need to say that I was surprised by it. I was honestly a bit skeptical of using it due to the fact that it was so visibly obvious. I mean, wearing a mouthpiece is one thing, because you can’t really see it – but using something like this can’t really go unnoticed.  I guess that some people might say that it would seem embarrassing, though I’m not really sure that that’s a fair thing to say.

I guess I just don’t put it into that category. Yes, it’s obvious and maybe a bit more visually noticeable than some other stop-snoring methods, but I think that people will probably be more pleased with it than anything else – especially if it’s helping their snoring problem.

Granted, this device may not be for everyone – but it’s a solid contender that definitely deserves a shot, especially for those who aren’t interested in wearing a mandibular advancement device.

Here’s what I found out as I researched and tried the Snore Eliminator Chinstrap for myself.

Product Details

The Snore Eliminator Chinstrap is made of cotton and neoprene, and was designed to help you maintain a natural, normal jaw position during sleep. It’s supposed to help with a wide range of different sleep-related problems, including snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, daytime fatigue, heartburn from acid reflux, ADHD symptoms, and more. Of course, the majority of these are probably related to a lack of sleep (possibly due to snoring), so really the Snore Eliminator seems to help solve these problems by helping you to get a better, more peaceful night’s sleep.

I myself found the product to be surprisingly comfortable. In fact, I might go as far as to say that wearing the chinstrap was sort of relaxing. The material is soft and easy to get used to, and having tension on the jaw was interestingly soothing.

Of course, it would definitely take a little bit to get used to – but all in all, I was impressed with it. My first impression was definitely positive. See below my video review of this product.


This product is technically a stop snoring chinstrap.

Clinical Studies

On the official product website, the company says that this product is ‘scientifically proven to treat many symptoms associated with sleep deprivation and sleep apnea’. However, I was unable to find any links to studies supporting this claim.

Is this product FDA cleared?

As far as I can tell, this product is not FDA cleared.

You can buy this product for $10.99 – which is definitely a fair price and a great deal! Plus, the company offers a 30 day, no hassle, no-questions-asked 100% money back guarantee, including shipping! So really, if you think about it, you’re not even risking anything by purchasing this product – because if you don’t like it, you can always return it without a problem and even get your shipping money returned to you.
As far as I can tell, the company behind this product is called Koncept Innovators LLC.
The business address for this company is as follows…

1619 Executive Ave., Myrtle Beach, SC. 29575

I haven’t seen any scam complaints for this product – though I have seen quite a few negative reviews about it on In fact, unfortunately, the negative reviews really seemed to outnumber the positive ones – so that may be a significant factor to take into account.

How does the product work?

This product basically works by keeping the jaw supported and comfortably closed while sleeping. This, in turn, is supposed to help re-train your jaw and the skin and tissue around it to promote a better night’s sleep. The main thing it’s supposed to do is to help cut down on snoring. This, of course, will have many other benefits – but curing snoring seems to be the root purpose of the Snore Eliminator Chinstrap.

What are actual customers saying?

Actual customers are saying a lot of different things about this product. Some of them say that it works perfectly – while others say that it doesn’t work at all. I do have to be honest and say that I found more negative reviews than good ones – but it may also be important to keep in mind that unhappy customers might be more likely to leave reviews than those without an issue.

Plus, this doesn’t mean that the product doesn’t work. It may just mean that what this product is doing simply isn’t specifically addressing the problem for a lot of people.

What you can expect

During the first few nights, you might feel a bit uncomfortable after wearing it for an extended period of time – though this should get better as you get used to it. By the end of the first week, you should definitely begin to grow more accustomed to it and feel better about using it for the entire duration of your sleep schedule.

Does this brand stack up against the competition?

Yes, I would say that this brand stacks up against the competition. There are a number of stop-snoring chinstraps on the market nowadays, but this one is so well made and so reasonably priced that you might have a tough time finding more value for your money somewhere else. I was pretty impressed with it when I first tried it on – and that really hasn’t changed.

Key differences between this product and ‘typical’ solutions

The main difference between this product and other typical stop snoring devices is probably the fact that this one doesn’t require you to put anything into your mouth. It can be used entirely externally – which could mean a lot to people who aren’t interested in a stop snoring mouthpiece.

Is a prescription or doctor involvement needed?

No, you don’t need a prescription or a doctor’s involvement to buy or use the Snore Eliminator Chinstrap.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that I discovered while using and researching the Snore Eliminator.


  • It seems well-made and well put together
  • The cotton and neoprene blend is comfortable and seems like it would last a long time
  • The company offers a very good return policy. They’ll even refund shipping costs!
  • I found the product relaxing and even a bit soothing to wear – which surprised me!


  • This product doesn’t seem to work for most people – probably because it doesn’t necessarily address all of the problems that can cause snoring
  • There are quite a few negative customer reviews about it online


I felt pretty good about this product – though I’ll also admit that it wasn’t perfect. For what it was designed to do, it works great. It felt comfortable, it did what it was intended to do, and I really don’t have any problems with it in that respect.

I will say that I feel like I understand why some people don’t like it – and I feel that it has to do with the fact that it might not help everyone. Personally, this device didn’t really do the trick in getting rid of my snoring problem – but I’ll also admit that my snoring problem might be different than what some other people experience – so my experience with this product can be expected to be different because of that.

I guess what I’m saying is that this is a fantastic product if it addresses your problem. For some people, it just simply may not work – but for those occasions, it comes with a fantastic 30 day money back guarantee, so trying it is really a win-win. It’s inexpensive, it’s well-made, and you can try it risk free – so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who might even be a little bit interested in a stop-snoring chinstrap!

Costs and shipping

This product costs $10.99 to order on the official company website, and shipping to Australia was calculated to be $9.95.

Attention! Note: I received this product as a free sample, though I’ve made every attempt to record my experiences with it in an honest, balanced, and straightforward manner.

The best place to buy this product is on the official company website – mostly because they offer international shipping at affordable rates.

Quick information

Product type: Stop snoring chinstrap

Clinical Studies: The Company says yes, but I couldn’t find specific information

FDA Cleared: No

Money Back Guarantee: 30 day, no hassle, no-questions-asked money back guarantee (including shipping!)

Shipping Costs to Australia: $9.95

Screenshot of the Website

SnoreEliminatorChinstrap website

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