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Published On January 22, 2016 | By SDA Editorial Staff | Reviews
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Worth trying if you tend to have a lot of trouble with allergies or pollen.

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Complaint Score 50%
Clinical Studies 40%
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WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable Nasal Filters Review

I’ve definitely written about some interesting products over the course of my content-writing career – but I can honestly say that I never thought that I’d be writing about nasal filters. This product from WoodyKnows is basically a set of super-small nasal filters that go up into the nasal passages – just like small dust-masks! The filters they use are disposable and replaceable, so you won’t need to bother with washing them or keeping them clean – and the material is soft and pliable, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Of course, these details are just some of the features that the product employs. The real question, however, is this…

Do they work?

In this review, we’re going to show you what we found and give you the down-low on the WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable Nasal Filters. So let’s get started and discuss what we found out over the course of our review.

Product Details

According to the official product website, here’s what you can expect from WoodyKnows Ultra Breathable Nasal Filters in terms of features…

  • Helps to reduce the amount of pollen, pet hair, dander, and dust that you breathe in through your nose
  • Helps to offer relief from asthma, allergies, and other sinus-related problems
  • Designed to fit the natural shape of the nose
  • Made from soft, medical-grade FDA approved plastic
  • BPA and Phthalate-free
  • The filter is made of a single layer of woven mesh that needs to be replaced every 3 days
  • This product is drug-free, ultra-breathable, and discreet


This product is technically a ‘nasal filter’, which is a lot like a nasal dilator, except that it works to filter particles from the air instead of expanding the nostrils.

The actual product

Clinical Studies

As far as I could tell, there was no reference at all to any kind of clinical study involving this product. As of right now, it would seem that there is no clinical evidence provided to support the fact that it’s been proven to work in any kind of a controlled setting – which was definitely a let-down for me. I feel like clinical data could be a fantastic tool for gauging a product’s usefulness – though this product, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to be supported by anything like this.

Is this product FDA cleared?

According to the official website, this product is ‘Designed according to the natural shape of your nostrils for comfort and fit with soft medical-grade FDA-approved plastic.’


If you order this product on the official product website, you can get it for $16.98 – which actually isn’t too bad of a price. For this, you can either order the multi-size package or the single-size package. Both options come with 6 pairs of replacement filters and 2 or more filter frames – so really, you’re getting quite a bit of value for the money with this deal.

Size specification

Here is what the official WoodyKnows website has to say on the ‘about us’ page.

“For people who have suffered from allergies or snoring, Woodyknows provides the nasal breathe product solution that relieves the pain physically and mentally. Hundreds of thousands people have tried them already…” 

According to their Amazon.com storefront, they’re a company that is ‘committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.’

According to information that I was able to find on Justia Trademarks, the address for the current trademark owner was as follows…

  • Yichengdongyuan 5-1-1102, Haidian
  • Beijing
  • CN

The Correspondence address, however, was a bit different.

  • OAKTON, VA 22124-1530

You can find out more trademark information about this company here.

The official website didn’t have any physical business address information on it (that I could find, anyway), so this information from Justia was really all that I could find to work with.

I’ve done quite a bit of research about this product, and definitely haven’t found anything to indicate that it might be a scam. It seems that this is indeed a legitimate product from a legitimate company.

How does the product work?

This product basically works like a tiny ‘dust mask’, in that it uses the tiny installed filters to keep pollen, dust, dander, and other debris from getting into the nostrils. This could help to improve your overall state of health, could serve you in your efforts to handle conditions like asthma and allergies, and could also help to keep the sinus passages clear during the night – which could cut down on snoring and sleep loss.

The product comes in several different sizes – so you might want to order the multi-size package at first to ensure a proper fit. This package comes with three different sizes, and can help you in determining exactly which of them may work the best for you.

What are actual customers saying?

Actual customers are saying mostly good things about this product. Here’s an example of what one customer had to say in an Amazon.com product review of the WoodyKnows Nasal Filters.

“I was skeptical about putting something in my nose to prevent allergy symptoms.

This is the first day and night my nose has stayed open.

I just ordered more of these.” – source: Amazon!

While the vast majority of the reviews were positive (over 50% of them), there were definitely a few that told a different tale. Here’s an example of one of the negative reviews that we found for the product on Amazon.com

“just now received the WoodyKnows Nasal filters… seems like a great idea, the fit is good too, however, where the nose piece attaches to the shield there is a sharp protrusion of plastic, so sharp, it would scratch your skin if you ran it against your arm, not to mention the sensitive nasal membranes….. so what use it it then if you cant put it in your nose without it stabbing you! I thought I might file it down with a nail file, but really, I shouldnt have to do that. Im very disappointed.” – Source: Amazon!

What you can expect

It might take a little bit of time for you to get used to having something like this in your nose, especially if you plan on wearing it during the night while sleeping. It might also take a few tries to get the sizing down right, as there are actually eight different size options to choose from.

For the first few nights, you may experience some discomfort – though you should start to get used to it by the time a week has gone by.

Does this brand stack up against the competition?

This brand definitely has some competitors, but it stands up to them by offering something pretty unconventional and by doing what it does rather well. The idea of having small ‘filters’ in each nostril is definitely unique – and when compared to other types of stop snoring devices, it would seem that it has a few beneficial advantages.

Key differences between this product and ‘typical’ solutions

The main difference between this product and other ‘typical’ solutions is the fact that it uses small ‘filters’ in the nostrils to keep airborne particles out. Most stop snoring devices only help to reposition the jaw or increase airflow – so this product definitely works on the problem from a different angle.

Is a prescription or doctor involvement needed?

No, you won’t need a doctor or a prescription to buy and/or utilize this product.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons that I discovered about this product over the course of my research.


  • It’s inexpensive
  • The idea is unique
  • The product is highly rated and seems to work well for most people
  • The design and materials seem pretty cutting-edge for the price


  • The product doesn’t work for everyone
  • If your snoring is caused by vibrations of the soft palate or your jaw positioning, this product might not solve the entire problem


In conclusion, I would recommend the WoodyKnows Ultra Breathing Nasal Filter if you tend to have a lot of trouble with allergies or pollen – especially if you’d like to try something that would allow you to lessen your dependency on over-the-counter allergy pills or medications. Since this product utilizes no medicine, it could be a fantastic way to sidestep some of the side effects that come with pills and allergy medications.

Costs and shipping

You can buy this product from the official website for $16.98, and can sometimes get it shipped for free – depending on where you live, just search on Google.

Quick info:

  • Product type: Nasal Filter
  • Clinical Studies: No
  • FDA Cleared: The material is FDA cleared, but not the device itself
  • Money Back Guarantee: There is no specific money back guarantee mentioned on the official website (that I could see)
  • Shipping Costs to Australia: Varies by location and seller

Screenshot of the website


Search on Google for the best place to buy this product!

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