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Anyone looking for a new stop-snoring device should check out the ZQuiet. It is simple to use, users are reporting decent effectiveness rate, plus it's inexpensive.

Price 85%
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Complaint Score 65%
Strength in Clinical Studies 85%
Our Rating 85%

The ZQuiet Stop Snoring Mouthpiece is a stop snoring device that has a lot of people talking. It’s probably most well-known for its ‘living hinge’ technology, as well as for the two levels of jaw adjustment that it provides in addition to a few of its other more ‘generic’ features.

But is the ZQuiet right for you? Let’s take a closer look.

Product Details

ZQuiet is a unique stop snoring system because their primary offering includes two devices – both of which offer different levels of jaw advancement. According to the company website, they offer their product in two different levels because everyone has different needs. Some might not it to hold their jaw as forward as others need it to, so it comes with two different options to try.

Another interesting thing about this product is that it comes with something called ‘ZQuiet Living Hinge Techology’.

While some stop snoring devices require you to keep your mouth closed to keep it in, the ZQuiet actually allows for a wide range of mouth movement. While wearing it, you can talk, open your mouth, and even take a drink – all without being required to remove it and then replace it again.


This product is technically a mandibular device. It’s similar to a boxing-style mouthguard that athletes would wear – except that it provides a slight jaw adjustment instead of protection for the teeth.

Clinical Studies

As far as I could tell, ZQuiet either hasn’t been tested in a clinical setting, or has and the results just aren’t recorded on the official website. Pretty much the only statistic that could fit into this category that I found on the official company website was a sleep clinic statistic about anti-snoring mouthpieces in general.

According to this statistic, anti-snoring mouthpieces were said to provide a 94% success rate among sleep clinic patients.

Is this product FDA cleared?

ZQuiet is a Class II medical device that is cleared by the FDA, However, according to the vendor claim section, ZQuiet can’t be promoted/recommended as FDA Cleared, nor we can state that this device is FDA approved. In simple words, ZQuiet is designed a class II medical device by the FDA, which pretty much means that this device meets the qualifications and requirements set forth by the FDA that allow it to be sold to the public.


It will cost you $69.95 to order this product from the official website.

ZQuiet seems to be the product of a company called Sleeping Well, LLC. This company has a good reputation with the BBB, and seems to be a reputable business entity. They have an ‘A’ rating with the BBB, and seem to do a good job of staying on their customers’ good sides.

Here is the official company address…

ZQuiet® 41 Canal Street, Lewiston, ME 04240

On one hand, I can see where the ‘try it today’ offer is a bit misleading and hard to understand, as they post the details of the deal in smallish print that some people may overlook. On the other hand, however, I’m not sure why anyone would just jump to the conclusion that there isn’t more to the deal, because the website really seems to make it clear that there’s more to it than what you see on the landing page.

I really can’t say that I blame ZQuiet for this one. It might be a little bit confusing, but I had no problem figuring it out.

Another of the most common complaints against ZQuiet was simply that it didn’t work – which is understandable. This product might not work for everyone. In fact, there probably isn’t a mouthpiece out there that’ll work for every person with snoring problems.

I will conclude this by saying that I do not consider ZQuiet a scam. I think that a few people (definitely not the majority) didn’t like it, so they labeled it a scam and complained about it. Also, the complaints that I’ve found it were actually few and far between – though it should also be noted that I did find more of them than I did for any other snore devices that I’ve written about at this point.

How does the product work?

The ZQuiet basically works by adjusting the jaw forward. This is intended to open the airway and provide more room in the throat for air to move through.

How to use ZQuiet

What are actual customers saying?

There are a lot of customers with very positive things to say about this product. There are also a few complaints, though it should be noted that I’ve seen more positive than negative things said about this device.

What you can expect

After the first few hours or first couple of nights, you can expect to feel a little bit of soreness in the gums. According to the website, you can actually use a scissors to ‘trim’ the mouthpiece to make it a better fit if its rubbing you the wrong way – but it could take weeks to get completely used to it, depending upon the shape of your mouth and many other factors.

You definitely shouldn’t give up on it though, even if it takes you more than a week to grow accustomed to having it in your mouth. There are definitely people who need to use it for more than a week before feeling comfortable with it.

Information! According to the official claim list: ZQuiet has been designed to reduce and treat snoring, results may however vary, which is always good to remember. 

Does this brand stack up against the competition?

Yes, this brand definitely stands up to the competition. Their product seems to be effective and inexpensive. It also contains some special features that snoring mouthpieces don’t ordinarily incorporate.

Key differences between this product and ‘typical’ solutions

The main difference between this device and other ‘typical’ stop snoring mouthpieces is that you can buy two devices with two different jaw adjustment levels for one low price from ZQuiet. Their product also contains technology that allows free range mouth movement during use – which is something that many other stop snoring mouthpieces don’t offer.

Is a prescription or doctor involvement needed?

No, you won’t need a doctor or a prescription to try and/or use this product.

Pros and Cons

Here are the basic pros and cons of the ZQuiet Stop Snoring Mouthpiece.


  • Allows for a full range of mouth movement during use
  • Allows the wearer to breathe through their mouth while in use
  • Comes in two different jaw adjustment levels
  • Doesn’t require boiling to be fitted. It works right out of the box.


  • Some customers have complained about it not working
  • The ‘Try it for $9.95’ offer is a bit confusing


In conclusion, I would definitely recommend that anyone looking for a new stop-snoring device should check out the ZQuiet. It’s simple, effective, and inexpensive. Plus, if you don’t like it, you can return it and not really be out any money.

Costs and shipping

The ZQuiet sells for $69.95 and ships for $9.95. The best place we know of to buy the ZQuiet device is on the official company website.

Attention! Have you tried this device? We would love to hear your feedback!

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Zquiet website

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