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Published On October 10, 2015 | By SDA Editorial Staff | About Snoring

How do rich people deal with snoring?

As it turns out, the upper-class tends to deal with snoring a bit differently nowadays. While there’s no shortage of functional stop-snoring methods out there that are low in cost, it seems that the rich and famous just can’t help but to find excessive ways of solving their problems – and a new trend in homebuilding might just be the newest (or oldest) idea yet.

Snore roomMany people are building ‘snoring rooms’ into their homes. Yes, that’s right. When well-to-do couples get fed up with snoring problems, it seems that they sometimes set up an additional master bedroom and say ‘goodnight’ to one-another when it’s time to turn in. Of course this trend isn’t just popular with snorers. The same tactic is being utilized by people who work different hours, relationships in which one enjoys watching TV late at night, or even by those who like to read or play video games.

In fact, dual master bedrooms are becoming more and more common for exactly this reason. When partners don’t seem to ‘mesh’ where sleeping schedules are concerned, it can be a great way to solve the problem without losing sleep.

And if this sounds a bit depressing or bleak, psychologists actually have some optimistic things to say about it. As it turns out, partners who sleep separately aren’t really any more or less prone to romantic problems. If their schedules or habits are different enough that they struggle with getting the rest they need, then splitting up before falling asleep might be the best choice.

Is it a waste of money, or a time-tested strategy?

Back in Victorian times, the practice of sleeping separately was actually much, much more common. And today, the practice of setting up separate bedrooms is being hailed as ‘the key to happiness’ among some couples!

Some people are critical of the idea, basing their feelings on the idea that separation during the night will lead to a decrease in intimacy – but this definitely doesn’t seem to be a problem for every couples who practices ‘separate sleeping’ on a regular basis. Many have said that intimacy happens regardless of where the sleeping takes place – which might add even more legitimacy to the idea.

Is it possible that going to the trouble of setting up an entire additional bedroom might be the ‘way to go’ to solve your sleeping woes when the snoring gets too loud to sleep through?

For many, the answer is yes.

One very informative article on this subject was published on (you can view the entire article here:, and it seemed to shed some positive light on the idea. As it turns out, the ‘marital bed’ simply has less significance than it used to. In fact, it might seem that sleeping together was more of a ‘social symbol’ for some than a practical, or even beneficial, way to rest.

As outlined by various testimonies in the Daily Mail article, sleeping in separate beds doesn’t mean that you’re not in love. Nor does it mean that you don’t get along, or that your romantic relationship is doomed. It may just mean that you have sleep incompatibilities – and that sleeping separately allows you both to get the sleep you need without succumbing to the negative effects of snoring, stretching, tossing, turning, or sleep-talking.

In conclusion

If snoring (or any other annoying or noisy habit) is getting you and your partner down – then maybe choosing to have one of you re-locate to a different room during the night isn’t such a bad thing. It might not be for everyone – but giving it a try certainly can’t hurt.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also seek out a stop snoring aid, as snoring can still impact your quality of sleep – but it does mean that sleeping separately might not be ‘as big of a deal’ as many people think it is.

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